Husqvarna 7021P Review

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Quality engine (by Honda) with buckets of power, well put together, not too heavy, runs quietly, good overall design and I particularly like the taller rear wheels – makes it easy to push/maneuver and is great for getting through those tough patches of grass and weeds. The fact that it’s a push mower also means it doesn’t lose power to the blade and keeps me fit at the same time (this is one of only a few good push mowers still on the market).

My usage is pretty intensive – I mow about 2-3 acres of rough/non-irrigated ground at a time, and with fallen leaves in the Autumn months. I’ve been using the mower for about a year now and it’s never had any problems, always starts on the first pull and makes short work of the typical problem/weedy areas. The blades give a great cut and are very durable, have only felt the need to sharpen them once since purchase.

The rear bag is easily removed; even when mowing longer or weedy patches, the waste cuttings collected are always sufficiently chopped for my compost heap. I’m being picky, but it’d have been nice if the bag were a little bigger – if you’re going to use the bag, for an average sized lawn, expect to spend an extra 15-20 minutes emptying.

I particularly liked the fuel cut-off switch – it means that I can run the mower until the tank is empty.

The product came well packaged, setting up is easy but its worth reading the bag assembly instructions before you begin, it’s not completely straightforward. Also, you do have to manually adjust the height of each wheel, a bit annoying for the average user but it guarantees workability on almost all terrains.

Overall – a good value option if you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable, and not too noisy mower. Well put together, nice looking and always does a splendid job of the lawn.

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