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What is it?

ImoviesClub is a website where members can download unlimited films, ebooks and audio books legally with a one off fee. The premise of the website is to offer people an affordable range of entertainment as an alternative to downloading off illegal websites, where they may face fines or prosecution.

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Buyer Reviews

Most of the ‘reviews’ for ImoviesClub are unfortunately rather sales pitchy, so it’s difficult to discern how much of these reviews to believe. However, looking to independent blogs and forums and of course the official website, it seems that this website does essentially do what it says on the tin.

Customers agreed that the website does have a large quantity of film titles but a few people mentioned that new releases and HD version were rarities. Those who were looking for old classics seemed to have no problem finding their desired titles, but those who were hoping for the latest blockbusters were sometimes left disappointed. Many said they would have liked to have seen the library of titles before signing up for the membership, but others commented that even finding a handful to watch made up for the membership fee, and so the risk was minimal.

The official website certainly doesn’t look as slick as some of the other entertainment sites like Lovefilm and Netflix. Many people commented that the user interface was too complex, and although they soon got the hang of searching and downloading it wasn’t as simple as it could have been. The FAQs section on the website is extremely thorough and customers found it useful that they could check essential information such as bandwidth limits and compatible devices easily without having to seek further support.

The main plus of ImoviesClub seems to be the one off payment. Whilst other companies and websites operate with a monthly fee, customers can make a one off payment for unlimited downloads for 2 years. Whilst it may not get all the latest movies as quickly as Netflix and Lovefilm, it is a much more affordable option. Whilst it’s not well publicised, ImoviesClub also includes ebook and audio book downloads in the membership and since they can all be downloaded onto most devices, customers were able to take full advantage of the inventory and create a varied personal library.

Is it a scam?

ImoviesClub may not be as well known as Netflix and Lovefilm, but it certainly has a place in the movie streaming industry, continuing to survive in a competitive market since 2011. Despite being around for a few years now, there seems to be little written about the website, by both its users and independent publications. It’s facebook page has nearly 10,000 likes, and although it has an active history, there has been nothing posted since December 2013 at the time of writing. Whilst inactive social media certainly does not make this website untrustworthy, it is worth considering that ImoviesClub does not have as much of a community or following as household names like Netflix. It’s also important to mention that the official website does not have a contact telephone number, and users must submit their query via a form. I have not read anything online to suggest that the customer service is bad, but as with most smaller operations, a 24 hour call centre is a rarity.

The official website proudly states that members can enjoy unlimited downloads with no recurring fees. This promise has led to some confusion, as the site offers three membership options, with the longest expiring after 2 years. Whilst it’s true to say that ImoviesClub does not automatically renew a subscription, there is no one off fee for a lifetime, and whether you have opted for the 1 month or two year subscription, if you would like to continue being a member you must make another payment when it expires.

The 1 month and 3 month subscription options are more expensive that other websites, but the 2 year subscription is very affordable for a one off payment. ImoviesClub is recommended for anyone looking for an affordable way to download and stream audio books, ebooks and films. People who have a varied taste will probably get the most out of the membership as there is a large range of titles available, ensuring there is a higher chance of finding something you’d like to try. This membership is not recommended for people who only want to watch the latest Hollywood films.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase your membership for ImoviesClub from the official website.

How does it work?

In order to start downloading and streaming movies, ebooks and audio books you must first select from one of the three membership packages:

• Platinum: 2 years of unlimited movies
• Gold: 3 months of unlimited movies
• Silver: 1 month of unlimited movies

Once you have purchased membership, you will be able to download and stream 24/7 without any more payments until your membership expires.

You can download and stream onto the following devices:

• Mac
• Windows PC
• Ipod classic
• Any Iphone
• Apple TV
• All MP4 players
• All android devices
• Smart TV with internet browser

Once you have downloaded the movie, it is yours to keep and can also be burned onto DVD.

It’s also important to mention that there are no geographical restrictions with downloading and streaming from ImoviesClub.

Illegal Downloads
According to, by downloading a song, film or game from a file sharing website without paying for it, or obtaining permission from the license holder, you are infringing on copyright. According to a survey in the guardian, the average ‘pirate’ has illegally downloaded 2,900 music films and 90 films. The cost of piracy to the movie industry in the US is $20.5bn and those found downloading regularly can face prosecution and heavy fines.

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