Instant Office Cleaning Kit Review

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What Is It?

According to, an office cleaning business is one of the most profitable start ups since the potential profits are high and the start up costs are low. It is a business service that is always in demand because businesses will forever occupy offices that will need cleaning. The quickest way to lose or turn away customers is a dirty office. Businesses know that, and that is why cleaning is always on the budget books.

Instant Cleaning Office Kit by Sam Rodman claims to teach you all you need to know about setting up your own office cleaning business. Sam promises that with his guide you can start an office cleaning business and earn profits. You’ll be able to be your own boss and this can be a full time or part time venture.

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Buyer Reviews

Sam Rodman boasts that his Instant Office Cleaning Kit is recession proof. And some reviewers agree. Due to the recession, people lost their jobs and it was seemingly impossible to get a new job. They faced massive competition from the other thousands of people who were also laid off and the thousands of students who had just graduated with their shiny new degrees. Months without a job had left them despondent and demotivated. Most had never even considered working for themselves until Instant Office Cleaning Kit. And reviewers were ecstatic when they realised that they were actually earning money because of the course.

Instant Office Cleaning Kit is written in simple terms without excessive business jargon. Sam provides details on many aspects that they needed to get up and running. Reviewers were able to understand what was required and how to go about setting up and starting their own business.

The course considers office cleaning as a part time job but for many reviewers it was their only job.

Sam asserts that very little investment is necessary to none at all and that experience is not needed to be successful at this. Reviewers did not fully agree. Money was needed to purchase cleaning supplies and tools. This was not a huge amount but it was an out of pocket expense nonetheless. Also, you do need to know how to clean or you’ll quickly lose the cleaning contract.

Office cleaning is not a glamorous job. Many reviewers found the initial phases to be very difficult. They had sore muscles and bones at the end of the day and sometimes the soreness continued into the next job. For those who did it part time, they felt more tired than ever before juggling two jobs. Some offices were easier to clean than others but reviewers agreed that it’s hard work.

Instant Office Cleaning Kit provides a lot of information on starting the business but there is no guidance on the backend. Topics such as taxes are completely excluded from the eBook. Taxes, especially as a self-employed person, can become complicated and if they’re not done right, you can find yourself in trouble with the law.

Reviewers agreed that this is not a job for people who are timid or are not able to sell their services. The course promises to teach even the shyest person how to become a salesman but reviewers state that it requires a certain type of personality and attitude to go out there and seek business. And if you’re not that type of person, then you won’t succeed with Instant Office Cleaning Kit.

Earnings were very varied. Some reviewers reported they made thousands on a monthly basis. Many reported adding hundreds more to their income. There were some people who were still soliciting cleaning contracts.

Is It A Scam?

Office cleaning is definitely a legitimate business. And there are many small business and even individuals who profit from this every day. Instant Office Cleaning Kit does a good job of advising people how to go about setting up a small cleaning business in terms of getting clients, setting up an agreement, networking and other general particulars but it misses many other crucial components. These include accounting practices and taxes. Granted, the course is about setting up a very small business but these things are still important if you expect to have some form of financial success.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Instant Office Cleaning Kit from the official website.

What’s Included?

Instant Office Cleaning Kit

Some features:

• Simple and quick guide to get started.
• Win client accounts without the high expense of advertising.
• Learn organisational skills to become more efficient and faster, thus making more money.
• Turn yourself into a professional and get the highest amount for your services.
• Calculate correctly the fees for your services.
• Discover how to hire the best people.
• Learn how to get local business on board.
• Discover methods to keep your start up costs very low.
• And much more…

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