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What is it?

By purchasing membership to the Inteligator investigation service, users are afforded unlimited access to a nationwide database containing over 1 billion US records. From criminal and sex offender records, to checks on marital status and property; the Inteligator system claims to allow comprehensive background checks to be made on 90% of American citizens. The Instant Background Check search system checks both public and private data sources discreetly and proficiently so that users can research suitable neighbourhoods, potential employees or romantic partners and long-lost family members.

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How does it work?

Online Background Checks
The rise of the Internet has made it simple to collect information from a wide range of sources to conduct a thorough research on a chosen topic. The Inteligator database uses information sharing technology to collate records on a state and national level so that an accurate picture of a certain individual can be gleaned. In addition to determining someone’s legal name, aliases, date of birth, address and occupation, Inteligator can help to discover their email address, business name and phone number.

This private and unobtrusive method of gaining information can also be used to find out information upon:

• Criminal Records
• Inmate Records
• Sex Offenders
• DUI/DWI Records
• Court Records
• Arrest Records
• Warrant Records
• Police Records
• Address History
• Death Index
• Marital Status
• Relatives and Associates
• Property Records
• Reverse Phone Search
• Felonies and Convictions
• Alias and Date of Birth
• Unclaimed Money

Inteligator membership means that customers have full access to 20 different types of searches as well as various tools and resources to enhance the accuracy of the search itself. The depth and breadth of information available on the database means that users need not spend hours checking public records at libraries or trawling through various different online systems to locate a single piece of data. Inteligator harnesses the power of the Internet to provide a one-stop destination for all personal researching needs.

The database draws upon info from:

• Over 3500 County Court records
• 50 State Appellate Court records
• 30+ years of Address Histories from over 1000 sources
• Nationwide Court Records
• 250+ Country Arrest Records
• 50 State Sex Offender Records
• 500+ State and over 100+ Federal Prison Data
• 300+ Million Criminal Records

Criminal Records
Inteligator has been used to provide peace of mind to concerned parents, neighbours and landlords, as through the system, they are able to check whether individuals have a criminal record and if so, what crimes they have committed. This is essential for those who are worried about who is coming into contact with their children or family members and even contains a neighbourhood specific feature which identifies individuals in the local area who may pose a risk to the vulnerable.

Criminal records available to check include:

• arrests and outstanding warrants
• misdemeanours and felonies
• convictions and Imprisonment
• DUIs
• probation information
• mug shots
• sex offender records
• federal and state inmate records, and much more.

Court Records
In addition to criminal records, Inteligator can also retrieve all public court records at the touch of a button. This includes all the above information on criminal records, as well as civil actions, bankruptcies and family court matters.

People Trace Searches
Inteligator can also be used to investigate the whereabouts of long-lost relatives, friends or even birth mothers or fathers. The system is especially vital where the user has no address or contact details of the person they are trying to trace. Inteligator claims to be able to take the bare minimum of information and use it to locate 90% of US citizens without the laborious process of physically asking around or doing all the leg work yourself.

Inteligator users can also utilise the sophisticated Reverse Phone Number and Reverse Email Address features in order to identify basic information about the person who holds the account. The system searches over 280 million home, mobile and business numbers in an instant so that trawling through publicly held information is avoided. This unique technique is ideal for those who wish to identify persistent telemarketers or prank callers.

Public Records Searches
Those who want concrete answers relating to marriage records, divorce records, birth records or property records from a loved one without the hassle of asking them personally are free to check through State databases courtesy of Inteligator. This information is also vital for those undertaking genealogy research and those wishing to sell their home in order to collate all the relevant info in preparing the legal documents.

Is it a scam?

Following the advent of the Internet, it is universally accepted that information can be more easily searched for and obtained for personal research purposes than ever. Therefore, choosing the most effective means of taking advantage of this new phenomenon is essential. Those sceptical of the Inteligator system need only look to the software’s consistent positioning in the top 10 online database resources on highly regarded review blogs to see that it is a legitimate and successful way to conduct thorough searches.

Irrespective of this, some have maintained that as most criminal records, court records and marital documents are publicly available already, a system such as this is not necessary and merely a con. However, it must be noted that most of those expressing this concern had not yet purchased the membership and made use of the system. Whilst Inteligator does rely heavily on public records in its searches, its appeal stems from the fact that it collates its database from a huge number of sources so that users need not spend hours visiting each individual site when a full picture can be obtained from just one click.

Who is the Inteligator designed for?

Due to the simplicity of the service which requires no training or prior experience to use, the Inteligator can be used by anyone wanting to find out specific information about a chosen individual. As all information requests are confidential, users need not worry about the object of their search finding out. Most of the searches outlined above are limitless, however, several blogs have commented that access to specialised searches such as bankruptcies and liens records is only granted by paying an additional fee to the original membership cost.

Clearly, this issue is only bound to affect the few users who wish to search specifically for these details. Most commenters on forums use Inteligator for basic background checks on the people they know in a personal context. Although this may affect those using the system in a professional capacity to investigate business associates or employees who may need to pay the additional costs to use these bonus services on a regular basis.

A few people have claimed that this hidden cost was not apparent in the promotional material found on the official website and therefore felt misled by the promises of limitless searching. However, most people reviewed only intended to use Inteligator for ad hoc searches on family members or neighbours and did not even need the additional search options.

Surprisingly, a great number of commenters actually used the Inteligator to search for themselves so as to be aware of what employers and landlords could find about them. As the databases provide accurate, up-to-date information on individuals, users have felt comforted to see how they are perceived by others who may be searching for them, whether using Inteligator or not. Whilst this has offered peace of mind to some, it is worth noting that there is little that can be done regarding modifying the existing records that can be found online so that others cannot find out in the future.

The majority of bloggers have consistently stated that they chose Inteligator as an alternative to spending vast amounts of money on hiring a private investigator to do their research on their behalf. Conversely, others chose Inteligator instead of conducting all the research themselves via physical public files in libraries, courthouses and archives. As the search capacity includes numerous filters and categories, users are able to customise the search and pinpoint the exact information they are looking for, thus saving huge amounts of time and money.

What support is offered by Inteligator?

The Inteligator database is supported by 24 hour email contact in case any users need help with their accounts or additional advice when conducting research. A great many users have suggested that this is not sufficient however, and instead should be supplemented with a telephone helpline and a live chat feature for instant support. This is because some unsatisfied customers experienced late responses from using the email address and required a more immediate approach to customer service.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money-back guarantee you must by this product from the official website

The Inteligator online software package can be easily accessed by paying a one-off fee or a regular monthly membership. After payment, users are free to use the members’ only area of the site to conduct their background checks using both public and private databases.

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