Isochiral Music Review

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What is it?

The Isochiral Music programme is premised on the scientific benefits of music therapy. From meditation and spiritual aids to the alleviation of health ailments, the instantly downloadable audio files are each designed to target a specific concern. The Isochiral sound files are precisely calibrated to take advantage of different frequencies so as to stimulate the desired results under a state of enhanced consciousness. Designed to supplement a healthy lifestyle, each module in the programme is around 60 minutes long and can be experienced with or without headphones.

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Buyer Reviews

A summary of the available Isochiral Music reviews found on health forums and user blogs points to the fact that on the whole, users have been pleasantly surprised with the results. The majority of positive commenters regularly listened to the sound files in addition to adopting other relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or light exercise. It is apparent from this that the music therapy is not a standalone treatment for any particular ailments or problems, but a complementary therapeutic programme which may help to improve the overall physical and mental health of an individual.

Although music therapy has existed as a technique for treating a variety of psychological and medical issues for thousands of years, it is clear that many bloggers were initially very unfamiliar with the concept and therefore quite sceptical of its benefits. Many of the reviewers who had reported obtaining real results were already open to ‘alternative therapies’ as opposed to conventional medicine, therefore it was easier for these individuals to transition into listening to the audio files as part of their healthy lifestyle regime. Whilst it did take longer for some to accept music therapy as a legitimate treatment and not some New Age fad, a few previously dubious commenters were explicitly surprised with the effects of the programme.

Whereas other holistic or alternative treatments may be quite difficult to implement in busy, modern lives, as the Isochiral Music programme can be immediately accessed in the form of a digital music file it has been ideal for people working hectic jobs or managing a young family. Regular isochiral music listeners have reported using the programme on the go via a smartphone with headphones, at home as a meditative aid or in the car whilst making the daily commute.

Is it a scam?

It is clear from the available reviews that the Isochiral Music programme is not widely considered to be a scam in general. However, the promises of certain audio modules have led some to question the overall authenticity of Isochiral Music. It is widely established that music therapy is successful in stimulating sufferers of Alzheimer’s and autism (Wikipedia), yet Isochiral Music guarantees efficacy in other areas such as stomach repair, money-making, enhanced IQ and business success. Brain stimulation via specialised frequencies is proven to help aid afflictions such as insomnia and even pain control, but stretching Isochiral Music’s ability to cure severe medical issues has evidently damaged the reputability of the programme to potential users.

Although Isochiral Music does market some legitimate products which can alleviate certain issues using sound frequency brain entrainment, it is the far-fetched claims which have seemingly put potential users off.

Where to Buy or Download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Isochiral Music from the official website.

How does it work?

The Isochiral Music programme works by harnessing the power of sound frequency in order to stimulate specific parts of the brain under altered states of consciousness. The calibrated software enables the audio files to target various levels of brain function and has been linked to triggering a natural supply of the DHEA hormone. This hormone has been linked to an anabolic process which encourages cell growth and repair. There is also scientific evidence that Isochiral Music helps to relax the mind and makes it easier for listeners to enter a calm, meditative state.
The use of binaural audio is utilised to stimulate brain synchronisation so that both sides of the brain interact in harmony and create new neutral pathways.

This process applies alpha, beta and gamma waves and works in the following way:
♪♪ music vibration → ear canal → auditory nerve → brain (medulla oblongata) → chemical reactions → neurons stimulated → a change in well-being

What’s included?

The Isochiral Music programme comprises of a variety of different categories, each including a selection of more specific 60 minute audio treatments. Customers can choose from:
• Meditation
• Spiritual & Psychic
• Energy & Vitality
• Money & Manifestation
• Personal Development
• Healing

More about Music Therapy

Music therapy has been used as a healing tool in many cultures for centuries, with its use dating back as far as the Ancient Greek Empire (Wikipedia). Its transition into mainstream medicine started after musicians were drafted in to hospitals to treat wounded soldiers in WWII. Since then, music therapy has been used to treat a variety of ailments, most prolifically in the elderly or for children with learning difficulties. Its success in these fields has been explained by prominent ethnomusicologist Alan Merriam in claiming that as music is a universal behaviour, everyone can identify with it.

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