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Legit Online Jobs is a program which claims to provide its members with Work At Home job opportunities within the online advertising industry. This work at home niche termed affiliate marketing can be a very profitable venture. According to the survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online advertising is currently a 42.8 billion dollar industry, and next year this number is projected to increase. Legit Online Jobs states that by simply posting online ads for companies, you can receive a slice of this thriving industry.

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Affiliate marketing is a proven system, which has been around for many years. Legit Online Jobs asserts that there are many companies who are outsourcing online advertising to freelance workers, and members can access hundreds of these online advertising jobs for a onetime fee.

What Do You Get?

When you purchase membership to Legit Online Jobs, you will receive:

• Instant access to their platform with hundreds of available online advertising jobs.
• Bonus #1 – Database of Work At Home jobs, which include freelance writing, tutoring and transcription.
• Bonus #2 – Online survey opportunities.
• Bonus #3 – Guide on making money on eBay.
• Bonus #4 – Personal one on one coaching with your own tutor, who will assist in creating a personalised financial goal plan.

What Are People Saying About It?

There are many people who would love a Work At Home job, because of the convenience and pay, but are not aware of the possibilities that are out there. While freelance writing and virtual assistance jobs are very popular, this particular sector of online advertising is not common with the average freelance worker.

The usual strategy for affiliate marketing is building websites, posting affiliate ads and links and devising ways to increase traffic to these websites. But Legit Online Jobs proposes a different strategy. Members are encouraged and trained on how to use free advertising sites instead of building their own websites.

For experienced marketers, this strategy is not ideal. It is better suited towards novice marketers who are just starting out and would like to learn the online marketing industry at minimal costs. Websites are costly to build and maintain; with Legit Online Job methods, the only investment is the low onetime fee and your time.

Earnings will be directly tied to the performance of the ads and each ad has the potential of becoming a recurring passive income stream. This means that as long as the ad is online, active and viewed or clicked upon with a completed transaction, you will earn money. Thus, the more ads you can put up, the more money you can potentially earn.

Legit Online Jobs states that the earning potential is limitless but this should not be mistaken as saying you will earn vast amounts of money. There were members who reported little revenue, while there were others who reported decent earnings. Do remember that the online world is immense and visibility will be the key to the success of your ads.

Another factor for success is copywriting skills. Copywriting is the art of writing advertising copy. You must be able to write copy that will entice people to click on the ad. So although Legit Online Jobs declares that no experience is needed, someone who is not familiar with marketing copy will have a more difficult time achieving high conversion rates. To learn copy quickly and effectively, members searched websites, looked at other ads and how they were written; if the style and format were to their liking they followed the ad concept. This is a very common practice in the marketing industry, you stick to what works.

Many members noted that Legit Online Jobs offers a great amount of information and training resources once you became a member; this should help new members understand the program, what is required and how to succeed. They also offer daily email support.

Legit Online Jobs states that there are jobs on the website, which are available to worldwide members but admitted that some companies have strict location requirements. These preferred locations include the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. Members noted that a good chunk of the better job prospects were exclusive to workers within these locations.

The website posts high dollar amounts for ad sales revenue. Many members reported that they did not receive these amounts. A common theme was that the members who made decent amounts were people who had been doing this for a long period. With time, they gained experience and knowledge on internet marketing and were able to leverage these to their advantage. But still, none of them reported exorbitant amounts.

Is It A Scam?

Legit Online Jobs provides people who are new to the online job market with affiliate marketing opportunities, as well as other avenues via their bonus materials. In their FAQ section, Legit Online Jobs emphasises that they do not guarantee earnings as this is solely up to you. Your earnings will be reliant on your ad’s visibility, the ad’s copy and whether or not the clicker completed the transaction. So there are many steps before you reach a sale. Nonetheless, online advertising is a 42.8 billion dollar industry so there is money to be made.

Where Can You Join?

You must purchase your membership from the official website in order to qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee. 

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