Linkedinfluence (Lewis Howes) Review

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What is it?

Linkedinfluence by Lewis Howes is an online course on the social network Linkedin that claims to teach you how to market yourself and/or your business. Lewis claims that the course will enable you to utilise the network by attracting the right people to your profile and form crucial relationships for job offers or to benefit your business.

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Buyer Reviews

Reviews online are extremely favourable for Linkedinfluence. Unlike other social networks, Linkedin is specifically catered for professionals seeking new job and business opportunities but despite the potential of the site, many people do not know how to optimise their profile in order to see any benefits.

The official website is not short of testimonials of people who not only praise the course for its content and high quality but furthermore the positive results upon making the necessary changes to their profile. In a video from a conference, Lewis Howes asks a lady called Jean to tell her story. She explains that after two years of unemployment, her step son followed the course advice and within a couple of weeks had 37 job offers. He eventually took one after interviewing that was $20,000 more than his previous six figure job.

Out of all the modules, reviewers found Module 2: Growing Your Audience particularly beneficial. This module focuses on how to increase your network, with one blogger sharing his results of 45 new connections in less than 2 hours of implementing the changes.

Reviewers seemed to really warm to Lewis, and found the quality of audio and video on the course to be of a high standard. Whilst many did feel the cost of the course was on the pricey side, the results certainly made up for it. Some reviewers have noted that some of the tips from the course can be found for free online, but for those who are new to Linkedin, or are yet to have success with it, this course is certainly the most thorough and complete option on the market.

Some customers who thought of themselves as social media experts even agreed that they learnt new tricks and tips with this course. Lewis explains that Linkedin uses an internal search engine, and the course outlines how you can ‘rank’ for keywords to enable other professionals to find you more easily. Entrepreneurs found the information on LinkedIn ads particularly useful, as Lewis showed them how to increase the conversation rate.

Is it a scam?

Lewis Howes is a former professional Arena League football player who now runs a successful business empire. A quick google search brings up podcasts, videos, webinars and news articles certifying his credentials. He’s featured in world famous publications such as Forbes, TIME, Mashable and Fortune and has a large social media following. Whilst it’s probable not everyone has had success with his course, his popularity is testament to the quality and potential benefits of it.

Some people have questioned whether this course is a scam after reading ‘reviews’ on various affiliate sites that pose it as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. The official website however does not make these promises. The premise is simple: LinkedIn attracts high quality professionals, CEO’s and entrepreneurs and Lewis Howes outlines in his course how you can utilise this platform of opportunity by marketing yourself and optimising your profile. Whether this results in new business connections, job offers or the opportunity to promote your products or services is variable but by following Lewis’ advice, you will certainly have the best chance in attaining these.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Linkedinfluence from the official website.

How does it work?

The online course consists of four modules:

1. Laying the Foundation: highlights of this module include optimising your keyword rankings, how to send traffic to your website from LinkedIn and how to improve your profile to attract the right people.
2. Growing Your Audience: key points of this module include creating and managing your groups and building your database.
3. The Next Level: includes how to get a job through LinkedIn and how to connect with investors.
4. Building Your Company: creating a company page and increasing the audience and influence using question and answers.

You will also receive the Linked Working ebook, the LinkedIn Master Strategies ebook and LinkedIn Ads Training as well as the bonus ‘Sean Malarkey’s Twixplode’.

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