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Magic Submitter is a software program which claims that it can rank any type website very high in search engines. The program does this by submitting your content and creating hundreds of backlinks to thousands of websites, according to your keywords. Content is not restricted to articles but also includes other formats such as videos and press releases.

So instead of manually submitting your content to websites and creating backlinks, Magic Submitter will do these tasks via an automated process, saving you much time.

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What Do You Get?

Purchase of Magic Submitter includes:

• Magic Submitter Software
• Interactive Forums
• Support Desk
• Software Updates
• Live Coaching
• Video Training Vault

Some of Magic Submitter features, which are all automated process, are:

Creation and verification of hundreds of accounts of your behalf.
Spinning of submissions but still providing original content.
Submitting content to over 2000 sites.
• Submitting, capturing and organising thousands of backlinks.
• Setting up backlink campaigns that can run for several days.

Six types of the many sites Magic Submitter submits content to:

• WordPress Sites
• Social Media Sites
• Niche Sites
• Video Sites
• Forum Sites
• Article Directories

What Are People Saying About It?

Everyone wants their website to rank number one in search engines because more people will be able to find it. Search engine ranking is directly related to the amount of money you can make. So the higher your rank, the more money you will make and vice versa; this is the reason why search engine rankings are very important to online businesses.

Submitting your content to as many sites as possible and creating tons of backlinks will surely help that endeavour. But this will take a lot of work and time. The creator of Magic Submitter, Alex Krulik, who is a very experienced marketer, recognised this. Every successful businessperson will tell you that time is your most valuable asset and any tool that can effectively do the work and decrease the time you put in is worth it.

With Magic Submitter, users no longer spent their time doing mundane tasks such as searching for sites, creating accounts, verifying accounts, submitting content, creating backlinks etc. With a few clicks in Magic Submitter, these tasks are carried out and completed within minutes. The saved hours can then be put into other parts of the business.

Initially, some were sceptical about creating and submitting so much content all at once. But with Magic Submitter, you can actually schedule campaigns to run over a period of time. Then the program will submit the content at the time intervals you choose.

Conversely, Magic Submitter has the capacity and is powerful enough to submit many backlinks in little time. One user stated that he submitted over 500 backlinks in less than 10 minutes. However, he did also state that you have to choose the sites and content to submit to. So that meant choosing 500 hundred sites, which took a while. Obviously, the time spent doing this is much less compared to the time it would have taken him to manually submit to these 500 sites.

Even with the ability to schedule campaigns, some users still expressed concern about Google’s algorithm updates and how it affected backlink creation. The suggestion was manually creating some backlinks to your main site to reputable sites. Then use Magic Submitter to create backlinks to those sites.

Magic Submitter captcha component still needs some work. Some users got around to this by purchasing their own captcha solver.

Users can opt out whenever they chose, which some users did. After successful campaigns, some users felt that they had achieved what they needed to with the program and ended it. What was not recommended was paying for a month, using the program, then stopping the subscription, and recommencing the program a couple of months later. It was reported that if you did this, Magic Submitter will block your email.

Spinning is somewhat of a contentious issue. It is something that you either do or don’t do. Magic Submitter does not allow you to edit the spun content but you can choose the sites where the spun content is submitted.

It would appear that Magic Submitter can be very useful to novice internet marketers. It provides great beginner knowledge on SEO and offers much expertise on the business of internet marketing. However, it’s only an introduction. Some users have labelled Magic Submitter as a failed program but it appears that these were users who relied heavily on Magic Submitter for magical SEO. More experienced users have stated that the program will only be useful to people who have truly learnt SEO. In this era, the basics won’t suffice. For example, if you are only constantly submitting to sites then your ranking won’t improve; a more targeted strategy such as creating tiers, almost like a pyramid, will garner better search engine results. And these are the lessons Magic Submitter does not teach.

Some users complained that they saw better results with their first campaign and put it down to Magic Submitter submitting content to the same sites or sites that weren’t relevant to them. Maybe it is for this reason that Alex Krulik has updated his program; it is now able to discover and add new sites based on your keywords.

Users received personal support from Magic Submitter creator. Using Skype, they were able to get prompt solutions to their problems from Alex Krulik. The online forum also helped when users sought advice and help. Additionally, users can use the support desk and there are several training videos.

Users admitted that as with everything else, there is a learning curve. New users are advised to put some time aside to read the manual. And before purchase, you should first identify what you want out the program and the best way to go about it. Experienced users also advised newbies to use Magic Submitter in conjunction with other programs for the best results, as you should never rely on one program for your success.

Is It A Scam?

Magic Submitter has been used by many internet marketers. Most have had success to varying degrees. Yes, there is a lot to learn before you can effectively use Magic Submitter but the upside is that the better you understand the program, the better your results will be.

I would caution users about overzealous tactics and strategies such as creating hundreds of backlinks from your main site or using Magic Submitter as your only SEO tool. With Google’s constant changes with their algorithms, more consideration is needed when building SEO.

This software will definitely do what it promises but cannot work on its own. Ultimately your own SEO techniques will deliver the ranks you desire.

Where Can You Buy And Download It?

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Magic Submitter from its official website.

Do you have any questions or comments about the program? Post them in the comment thread below.

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