Melt Your Man’s Heart Review

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What is it… Melt Your Man’s Heart is an ebook by Randy Bennett, who worked as a marriage and family therapist for 25 years. The teachings of the book are therefore based on Randy’s experience working with couples and also additional scientific researchClick here for a full list of what’s included and to check for ongoing promotional offers. 

What it promises to do

On the video presentation, Randy claims that this book will enable any woman (no matter what they look like, or what stage of their relationship they’re at) to have a deeper emotional connection with their man. He asserts that by following the guide, you will become the apple of your man’s eye, and become his priority. It also promises to give guidance on how to avoid affairs, and which women to watch out for.

How does it work?

Randy emphasizes in his presentation that you do not need to change the way you look in order to get the results you’re after. In fact he highlights physical appearance as one of the myths that many women believe is the solution to relationship problems. He also claims that the guide will not include manipulation techniques, and you can still be 100% yourself without any fakery.

Results are therefore achieved by trigger words and phrases. Randy lists a dozen triggers in his guide which he claims will help you access any mans emotional frequency and get a positive response rather than an angry, aggressive or negative one. He explains briefly in his presentation that the brain responds to automatic triggers, and in the same way that something may trigger anger or a retreat, another word or phrase will ‘thaw’ his heart. Some of the tips he mentions include avoiding being on guard, asserting yourself and focusing on the good. This guide claims to have been tested for years and successfully helped thousands of women.

What’s included?

This 136 page ebook includes information on the types of communication (which ones to avoid and which ones to aim for) as well as explaining the different types of relationships and why some succeed and are happy whilst others fail and/or are unhealthy. There is also a bonus ebook ‘Your Personal Coaching Guide’, which Randy says must be used in conjunction with the Melt Your Man’s Heart ebook in order to get the best results. The coaching guide will help you identify your personal problems and hurdles so you can apply the information tailored to you.

Is it a scam?

It’s fairly difficult to find reviews online that aren’t simply endorsing this product, but what seems clear from the blogs and forums is that although the information in the book may seem obvious, the bottom line is that many women do not follow it day to day (even if they were aware of some of the suggestions before reading the book). With this is mind, many women felt that actually reading this advice from a relationship expert, backed up with examples and scenarios, helped to solidify what they maybe already knew they needed to implement.

Many women identified with Randy’s examples of women who simply try too hard to create this perfect life for their partners. He explains in the book that many women feel it necessary to strive for perfection, whether it be in their physical appearance or their passive manner which sees them agree with everything their man says. He refers to this as self-sabotage, and the advice that Randy gives to women is to be yourself without trying to be something that isn’t true to you. Many readers felt empowered by this guidance, and this new found confidence thus helped to improve their relationship.

Overall readers felt the guide was useful and easy to read. At just 136 pages, women enjoyed the fact that they could start implementing the triggers quickly, and see progress with the emotional connection between themselves and their partner. Some women, who were not in unhappy relationships but felt they needed a boost, found they got the quickest results. Some of these negative triggers we use subconsciously are built into us, or have crept in as our lives have got busier and more stressful so reading the ebook helped many people identify what was happening and revert back to previous more positive ways.

This ebook does not promise to be a quick fix. Neither does it promise to magically make your relationship perfect overnight. The advice is honest and easy to implement but depending on your personal relationship, it will depend on how fast you begin to notice changes in your partner. Some women found it challenging to condition themselves away from negative triggers so depending on how deeply rooted these are, this will also depend on how quickly you get results. In a nutshell, the book can and has helped lots of women, and it’s far cheaper than relationship therapy or counselling.

Where to buy and download?

This ebook comes with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee but to qualify you must buy from official website. So if you’re still unsure, take a look and see what you think and if it’s not for you, you’ll be refunded.

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