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Membership Sites Blueprint is a training course designed to teach users how to develop and operate membership sites. The thought is that once created, these membership sites will generate passive income for their owners.

Internet entrepreneurs, Peng Joon and Alex Mandossain co-created this blueprint. They are experts at what they do, having much success with their internet businesses. They combined their years of experience to put together a comprehensive course that will guide you through every step to achieving real income from your own membership site.

Joon strongly believes that many internet entrepreneurs are “leaving money on the table” with the traditional business model of a onetime payment for their services. And if they adopted the membership site model, they can exponentially increase their online income.

There are 7 modules which focus on:

  1. Groundwork
  2. Organization
  3. Getting Subscribers
  4. Keeping Subscribers
  5. Content
  6. Continued Development
  7. Marketing.

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What are people saying about it?

Membership sites have the potential to deliver recurring income streams to its owners. For this reason, it is a very enticing product. But it is not the easiest type of site to build or maintain. Through its detailed modules, Membership Sites Blueprint aspires to educate and guide internet entrepreneurs to achieve this goal.

Peng Joon is a polarizing figure. You either like him or you don’t. But despite personal feelings, reviewers could not fault the legitimacy of his training course. They agreed that it contained a great deal of valuable information for beginners as well as internet veterans.

In every module Joon gives an in-depth analysis. He highly recommends niche websites that targets a specific sub-set market and offering them solutions and programs that will answer their problems or at least help them solve it. Experienced reviewers who have their own internet businesses agree with this and state that this is a solid foundation for any online company. Membership Sites Blueprint worked in whatever niche you were in.

The subscription model is not new to consumers. In fact, gyms, newspapers, clubs, magazines, and dating sites are all based on subscription models. So it is truly nothing new to consumers. Reviewers acknowledge that familiar business models are always easier to sell to consumers but they also stressed that the products and/or services offered must be in demand for the membership site to be successful.

Joon claims that “you can literally have your own membership site up and running in 7 minutes”. Most reviewers agreed that was probably the case for a very small percentage of people. They didn’t say that it couldn’t done but more than likely that phrase only pertained to very experienced web developers. For beginners, or even those who had dabbled with internet businesses before, there was a relatively steep learning curve.

Don’t expect immediate results. Joon advocates a continuous effort both in the back end and front end of things. Your goal will be to acquire subscribers but to also work at keeping those you have. There must be a balance of efforts.

Having access to your own set of subscribers translates into the ability to cross-sell other products you may have. The conversion rate for members is much higher than that of non-members. Just by subscribing, they have exhibited a level of trust in your products and/or services. Therefore, sales are much easier to close via membership sites.

Membership sites were usually seen as an expensive venture. However, in this program Joon discloses his secrets about free tools that work just as good as the paid ones. Reviewers loved this low cost approach.

Reviewers also liked that they weren’t left hanging. They had access to Joon and Mandossain support services the entire time.

Where to buy

In order to qualify for the 60-day money-back guarantee you must purchase Membership Sites Blueprints from its official website.

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