Millionaire Society Review

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What is it?

The Millionaire Society digital training programme is designed to inform those looking to make a sustainable income through setting up pre-made turnkey businesses online and using automated trading software. The system’s author, Brad Marshall, claims that this is a little-known, zero-risk way of generating profits with the potential to earn users up to $720 per day, even when working autonomously. Millionaire Society distinguishes itself from other similar home-business style systems as it does not require social media or affiliate marketing, financial commitment or complicated software in order to provide long-term financial success.

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How does it work?

Brad Marshall’s Millionaire Society programme is centred on the idea that money can be easily made just by relying on tried and tested software which generates income 24 hours a day. Whereas the many online marketing programmes require significant training and prior knowledge of SEO, markets, products and website building, users can access all relevant information on the Millionaire Society members’ only site and implement it within 15 minutes.

The Millionaire Society 15 Minute Turnkey Business System
The key foundation of the Millionaire Society programme is Brad Marshall’s Turnkey Business System which he assures can be activated within a matter of minutes. This system claims to take away all the guesswork from establishing online businesses, especially for beginners. According to the promotions, users need not establish contacts, research the many online markets, create a revolutionary new product, build up a website from scratch, create the necessary upsells or advertise their product.

In addition to this comprehensive system, with numerous easy-to-follow video demos and training files, users are afforded access to 135 free pre-made businesses. Brad Marshall claims that he personally researched the optimum products and markets in which to exploit, meaning that little to no input is required from the user themselves in order to get started. These professionally designed, written and hand-built businesses are ready to implement at the click of a button.

Brad Marshall also declares that users are given consistent opportunities in which to maximise their profits even further by adding 5 new fully-developed turnkey businesses each week. This feature is vital in keeping up to date with the latest emerging online markets, thus furthering profit and cashing in on the most sought-after products.

Customer Service and Support
Brad Marshall has recognised the importance of prompt and efficient customer service, especially when dealing with online products, by creating a 15-person concierge. According to the official website, users are free to contact an experienced Millionaire Society employee 24 hours per day via both email and phone to answer all their queries and issues.

Is it a scam?

Given the name ‘Millionaire Society’, many online forums and bloggers have been initially dubious of the claims made by the programme and its author, Brad Marshall. Like many similar products online, there are many promotional reviews and overly positive testimonials for the system. However, several genuine business bloggers have attempted to provide a no-holds-barred review which highlight the pros and cons of the programme.

Many financial experts and professional bloggers agreed that the potential to make substantial amounts of money from using the system is very real. However, most acknowledged that the name of the product and the promotional material overstated the actual amounts, as it is extremely difficult to become a millionaire simply just from using the software alone. Nonetheless, there are those who have reported making thousands of dollars within a few weeks from activating their accounts and testing the programme.

Although membership to the site and therefore the Millionaire Society software is free of charge, users are required to deposit however much money they wish before they can begin trading successfully using binary option trading. Whilst the software does everything for you, money must be paid to the broker before users can expect to see financial results. Most commenters have been willing to part with some money to get the ball rolling, however there have been the odd few who did not fully grasp how the system worked and therefore felt misled when asked for the deposit. It is worth emphasising that there is little risk associated with making the deposit as the money can be withdrawn at any time by the user.

As the software begins to work within just 15 minutes, users could see returns straightaway and after the initial payment has been made, the momentum of the system can be kept up without further deposits. Some reviewers have commented on the ‘hit and miss’ nature of the programme in that the returns are not at all regular or predictable. Due to the nature of the software and how it works, Brad Marshall is clear that exact returns cannot be forecast as the trading market is constantly changing. Therefore the system might not be for those relying on a regular, identifiable income each month.

Where to Buy and Download

Those interested in binary options trading may sign up for Millionaire Society membership on the official website. Unsatisfied customers are entitled to a ‘no questions asked’ 60 day money back guarantee when they buy from the official website.

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