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Mind Secrets Exposed is a self help eBook written by Greg Frost and Alvin Huang. The eBook focuses on unlocking the power of the mind to effect change in our lives and achieve the goals that we’ve always dreamt about.

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The power of the mind is an ancient principle; there are many cases throughout history where sheer will power and strong beliefs have realised amazing occurrences. The authors of Mind Secrets Exposed have studied and tapped into this phenomenon, offering a complete instructional guide which claims to use the mind to attain life successes.

What Do You Get?

The Mind Secrets Exposed eBook and Audiobook

• How to unlock the full potential of your brain.
• Tapping into your subconscious in five simple steps.
• Discover and master the most guarded mind secret.
• Learn about real life occurrences when people tapped into the true power of the mind.
• The method behind thought manipulation.
• Your mind as the fountain of youth.
• Three foundational principles for a truly happy and successful life.

You will also receive these bonuses:

1. The Dream Planner Guide
• Learn the 4 step method to life’s success.
• The rewards of dreaming big.
• Completely change the direction of your life.

2. Quick Wealth System
• Self-questionnaire for financial success.
• Tips and techniques on generating income.
• Career opportunities.
• How millionaires earn their wealth.

What Are People Saying About It?

Everyone wants a successful life; it’s a constant yearning that is amplified when things go wrong. But how do we go on to achieve this? Mind Secrets Exposed claims the best way to achieve this is to focus the mind’s power and energy solely on the good things that you want in order to attract them to you and by opening up your mind to receive it.

When people are in despair, the hardest thing to ask of them is motivation. Most reviewers purchased Mind Secrets Exposed at a despondent time in their lives and admitted that it was very hard for them to become motivated even if the goal was a happier life. Self-motivation features prominently in this book; it is one of the fundamental principles to achieve what you desire.

Mind Secrets Exposed understood this dilemma, and proposed the practice of only thinking positive thoughts. When a negative thought begins to form, Mind Secrets Exposed tells you to dismiss them and instead turn it into a positive. The book shows you ways to do this. Reviewers reported that, initially, this was difficult but was possible with constant practice. One reviewer noted that by always thinking positive, she became a lot calmer, was less likely to become angry and discovered that most problems weren’t the debilitating things she once thought they were. Once you have a positive outlook, things no longer looked so bad. Positive thinking for a positive outlook is actually accepted by the scientific community and is often quoted as one of the traits of happy and successful people.

Some of the claims made by Mind Secrets Exposed can be supported with scientific data but not all. Sometimes the authors went out of their ways to cite very grand occurrences that supported their claims but they may have well been better off with a few notable instances that could have actually been fact checked. For most reviewers, this type of grandstanding was not necessary.

Mind Secrets Exposed is not a book that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars; it will not get you rich. Whiling being rich may get you material things in life it does not necessarily result in a happy life. Mind Secrets Exposed teaches that in order to attract wealth, you will first need to acquire a few fundamental principles of life. The book teaches that financial gains can be obtained if you use the power of the mind but first the mind needs to be conditioned to attract it.

As a way to prove their points, Mind Secrets Exposed uses several famous and highly successful people who they believe have all harnessed the power of the mind to achieve their current status. While reviewers appreciated the stories and the inspiration, most felt the constant focus on these billionaires did not help their cause because they quickly concluded that at their current rate they would never reach Oprah’s or Bill Gate’s status.

Most reviewers praised the self development book and believed that despite the fact that they will never attain billionaire riches, they came away with a more positive attitude, a better outlook at life and techniques and strategies to navigate their newfound life as they begin their journey towards their own goals.

Is It A Scam?

The topic of subconscious mind exploration is not for everyone. There will always be sceptics who will never accept that the mind’s power can be used to achieve anything beyond thoughts and ideas. Nonetheless, Frost and Huang have given a few great examples where the subconscious mind revealed very remarkable things such as in the case of scientist Frederick Banting discovering insulin and its role in the treatment of diabetes through a dream he had. This incident is recorded as fact and because of this dream, the entire medical world benefited.

Mind Secrets Exposed is not a get rich scheme but rather a step by step development process to becoming a more productive and positive person by learning to tap into and utilise the power of the mind.

Where To Buy And Download?

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