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What is it?

Adam Horwitz devised Mobile Monopoly 2.0 digital programme to help train those keen on tapping into the success of the mobile market through advertising and maximising traffic. Given the rise of smartphones in place of traditional desktop computers, Mobile Monopoly boasts over 90 training videos and PDF info files which outline the various techniques essential to profitable mobile internet marketing for both beginners and advanced users. The training claims to cover how to attract free mobile traffic, create popular mobile webinars and includes several pre-prepared Mobile Squeeze Pages so that customers can start to generate income almost immediately.

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How does it work?

Formerly one of the White House’s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in America, Adam Horwitz has grossed over $5 million by recognising the opportunities for profit in the booming mobile internet market. Mobile Monopoly 2.0 is centred on brand new techniques intensively developed by Horwitz and his team of experienced internet programmers. Without using texting or apps to generate traffic, Horwitz lets users into these techniques which harness and attract the attention of the millions of users flooding social media on their smartphones each day.

Considering that 66% of people use their smartphones every single day to surf the internet, there is a huge market of consumers to advertise Clickbank products to. Google also predicted years ago that mobile internet would soon surpass desktop internet browsing and Mobile Monopoly 2.0 claims that anyone can take advantage of this emerging opportunity.

Horwitz’s original programme Mobile Monopoly 1.0 helped him to make profits of $632 in a single day. This updated version builds upon its predecessor by adding more up-to-date tips and tricks for maximising free traffic to trendy, successful products recommended personally by Adam Horwitz himself. Users needn’t start up their own website or think of their own products to market; simply just follow the step-by-step guides to successful mobile advertising and reap the rewards.

What are the techniques?

The Flash Mob Traffic Secret:
Adam Horwitz first recognised the power of this technique as a teenager promoting parties in Los Angeles. Likening it to a YouTube video instantly going viral, the section contains tips on how to bring huge crowds to mobile web pages for maximum exposure and sales.

This module is a variation on the concept of webinars, just focused entirely for the mobile market. Coined exclusively by Horwitz, users get privileged access to 3 free ‘Done For You’ pre-recorded mobinar presentations which eliminate the need to list, present or even show-up. These mobinars look exactly like a live broadcast and can be activated anywhere, at any time. Each is focused on the latest hot products from various sectors and users have the choice of numerous different traffic sources. Horwitz is quick to point out that automated webinar software alone costs at least $100 if bought elsewhere online.

Unique Instagram Traffic Targeting:
This novel method harnesses the traffic flowing to the world’s most popular photo sharing smartphone app, Instagram. As Instagram boasts over 150 million active users to this date, Horwitz has developed a unique way to make the most of marketing on viral photos. Upon purchase, customers are entitled to a free Beta License to Instagram software.

What’s featured on the members’ only Mobile Monopoly 2.0 site?

• Quick Start
• Free Traffic
• CPC (Cost Per Click)
• Paid Search
• Email Profits
• Pay Per Call
• Go Local
• Create Apps
• Software

What bonuses are included?

In addition to full access to the Mobile Monopoly 2.0 website with over 90 training video demos and PDF instruction files, users are entitled to use 3 ‘Done For You’ mobinar presentations, 3 Ready to Activate Mobile Squeeze Pages, lifetime software updates, a full quick training guide and 24 hour support via email contact.

Is it a scam?

Determining whether or not a money-making scheme is a scam or not is essential given the number of ‘get rich quick’ miracles advertised online. A product’s legitimacy can often be proved by looking to the qualifications of the creator. In this case, Adam Horwitz is widely praised as one of America’s most successful young entrepreneurs and was personally invited to the White House in 2012 by President Obama. Horwitz’s business ventures have been also reported in the mainstream media by CNN and Business Insider.

Mobile Monopoly 2.0 itself has been intensively reviewed by renowned internet bloggers who have given mostly positive accounts of the programme. Blogs which are dedicated to identifying obvious online scams have consistently stated that the system is entirely genuine and that real, instant fiscal results can be generated with the right amount of input.

What are people saying about it?

Overall, the majority of the reviews found on forums and user-created communities have stated that the programme offers comprehensive, useful advice on mobile marketing which can be put into practice to generate long-term income. The huge number of videos covering a multitude of techniques ensures that training is provided across all areas in an accessible, fun way.

Who is it designed for?

The main critique of the programme which has been shared by a number of commenters is that the programme is definitely more suitable for those with at least a basic knowledge of mobile internet marketing techniques already. As the videos and PDF files leap into the topics at an intermediate level without explaining all of the internet terminology that would already be familiar to experts, beginners have found it difficult to gain foundational training from Mobile Monopoly 2.0. Some novices have commented that it is assumed that viewers understand concepts such as CPA, Affiliate Marketing and PPC before beginning the training and so background research is definitely required for absolute newbies to internet marketing.

Although probably more suited to advanced internet users, Mobile Monopoly 2.0 can be used by all types of people wanting to cash in on this emerging advertising market. By taking a look at the positive reviewers, it is clear that homemakers, those holding down full-time office jobs, part-time workers and the self-employed have all benefitted from the system due to the fact that if sufficient work is put in initially, it can then bring in autonomous income. After using the Mobile Monopoly system, a few have even taken inspiration from Adam Horwitz in order to set up their own entrepreneurial businesses by taking advantage of marketing opportunities on social media and smartphone apps.

Do you need capital to sustain Mobile Monopoly 2.0?

The Mobile Monopoly 2.0 programme and all its training videos are fully accessible with a one-off payment. However, some commenters have revealed that in order to get maximum income from the techniques, an extra advertising fund of at least $500 is required for PPC and App Development. Whilst the training outlines various methods of generating free traffic in order to sell products, these are often not the most successful or sustainable. Mobile advert systems such as AdMob require a $50 in order to maximise traffic to mobile sites and although not strictly necessary, users will definitely see enhanced results using paid mobile ad agencies rather than SEO and content-based methods alone. This fact may put off those who do not wish to risk their own money by purchasing Mobile Monopoly 2.0. However, some have said that they did not invest any extra funds except for the original purchase price and still managed to make significant profits, showing that income can still be made with hard work and commitment.

Online reviewers have also highlighted that after purchasing Mobile Monopoly 2.0 and gaining access to the members’ only site they have come across many upsells which require splashing out more money on additional training and benefits. Obviously these upsells are not mandatory and do not in any way place customers under an obligation to spend more if they do not wish to do so, but users have commented that the constant advertising of further additions which purport to enhance the original Mobile Monopoly 2.0 system have led them to feel distrustful of the programme and thus put them off using it. Many have paid the additional membership fee in order to receive additional monthly training and have been pleased with this option, however it has not been necessary or suitable for all customers.

Can you really contact Adam Horwitz directly?

Whilst the Mobile Monopoly 2.0 video infomercial suggests that Adam is contactable by his private email for support 24 hours per day, customers have stated that all their enquiries have actually gone straight to a centralised support system and not Adam himself. Some have waited quite some time for a response from the support network, therefore have suggested going directly to other experienced members in the community for advice first.

Where to Buy and Download

Those interested in capitalising from the mobile marketing industry can gain access to the Mobile Monopoly 2.0 programme today through making a one-off purchase on the official website. Once registered, customers are able to browse the training videos and PDF info packs at their leisure.

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase from the official website.

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