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What’s included: 518 downloadable boat plans, 40 video tutorials, free boat designing software, boat builder’s guide, secrets from professional builders, boat safety regulations guide and access to a Members Q&A forum. The package is available for a one-off fee and comes with a 60-day 100 percent money back guarantee.

What are people saying about it?

Reviews from the buyers surveyed were extremely positive. People loved the step-by-step instructions and the video tutorials, which most people found easy to follow. The blueprints for the boat plans were well designed and accurate – all the plans come in both metric and imperial measurements.

Reviewers thought the huge range of plans represented good value for money and they liked the video tutorials and bonus guides, especially those on water safety and regulations. It recognised that you have to take care on the water and be aware of the risks. People also appreciated all of the information on electrical systems, fuel systems, ventilation, floating requirements and safe loading.

As mentioned, there are a wealth of designs availalble, particularly for sailboats, canoes and cruisers. There are fewer options for catamarans and yachts, as one reviewer pointed out. Members do receive free lifetime updates as part of the package so this may be addressed in the future.

Regarding skill level, it’s claimed that no boat building experience is required. This may be a stretch and someone who is a complete DIY novice may struggle, although the package includes basic designs for small boats so lack of experience may not necessarily be an issue. However, you will definitely need tools and some knowledge of angles, wood, rivets etc.

Also, bear in mind that building a boat isn’t a weekend project so expect to spend some time crafting your boat. After all, you’ll want to do it properly and not go springing a leak as soon as you cast off. You’ll also need enough space to build your boat and work around the project as it’s coming together. And if you’re using your garage make sure you have enough room to get the boat out when you’re done!


This product will really appeal to people who want to get out on the water and who have already completed some woodworking projects already. You don’t need to be an expert but some DIY experience is called for.

The 60-day money-back window is more than enough time to try out several designs and still return it if you’re not happy.

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