Natural Cure for Yeast Infection Review

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What is it?

Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure for Yeast Infection is a downloadable eBook programme which is marketed at persistent sufferers of candida fungal yeast infections. Promising a 100% natural and drug free solution which tackles the root cause of yeast infections rather than just the uncomfortable symptoms, the eBook is for those who have had no luck with conventional medicine and antibiotics. The eBook is advertised as being suitable for all sufferers; irrespective of where the candida overgrowth occurs in the body, age or gender.

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Should you be sceptical?

As the ‘natural cure’ for this Yeast Infection programme contains purely natural remedies without the use of antibiotics or medical creams, many sufferers have been dubious that the techniques outlined in the eBook alone can successfully cure their fungal infection. As candida overgrowth is incredibly common across all ages and both genders, sufferers usually visit their doctor for antibiotics and obtain immediate relief from symptoms. However, those who suffer from persistent, severe bouts of yeast infections in particular seem to be attracted to the programme as a long-term method of prevention and general health improvement.

Online reviews show that conventional medicine still remains the most popular way to clear up the symptoms of yeast infections, but health-conscious sufferers have favoured the eBook as way to improve their immune systems and adopt a healthier lifestyle so as to make their bodies less susceptible to candida overgrowth.

Buyer Reviews

Looking to blogs and online health communities, it is apparent that whilst the programme may not be suitable for those who get genital yeast infections once or twice per year, women especially who suffer from more permanent fungal imbalance have obtained at least some benefits from the system. Many of the women who have reported that the system has helped to keep their yeast infections at bay have been those who have developed recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidiasis; a condition which affects about 5% of female yeast infection sufferers according to the National Women’s Health Resource Center.

Due to the nature of candida, each person is affected very differently by the fungus and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to tackling infections. Although the eBook claims to help infections which arise in all areas of the body to varying degrees of severity, not all followers of the programme have reported that the tips and tricks contained within it have successfully combated their propensity for candida infection permanently. Therefore, the Natural Cure for Yeast Infection eBook should not be considered as a miracle cure for all sufferers and may be followed alongside traditional antibiotic treatments for enhanced efficacy.

A significant number of reviewers have noticed that by following Sarah Summer’s techniques they have obtained additional health benefits also. By adopting a well-balanced diet, eliminating stress and taking up regular exercise, reviewers have improved their general health as a by-product of yeast elimination.

Where to Buy and Download

You must download  the Natural Cure for Yeast Infection PDF eBook from the official website in order to benefit from the 8 week money-back guarantee.

How does the Natural Cure for Yeast Infection eBook work?

The Natural Cure for Yeast Infection claims to tackle the larger fungal imbalance holistically, rather than just by targeting specific symptoms which may not be alleviated in the long-term. Although female genital yeast infections are usually treated by doctors via topical creams, ointments and pessaries, Sarah Summer is convinced that the natural remedies included in the eBook are much more effective in the long-term. As a medical researcher, author and former systemic yeast infection sufferer, Sarah Summer is confident that as natural cures cannot be patented by drug companies, the real truth about permanent yeast infection cures is kept secret in the interests of profit.

The eBook is centred on the fact that yeast manifests itself in roots and spores which can remain dormant for years within the body. The step-by-step lifestyle and diet overhaul contained in the programme focuses on targeting the underlying imbalance and promises that sufferers can then:

• Gain complete relief in 10 hours
• Permanently cure all infection
• Stop weight gain
• Stop digestive disorders
• Regain energy
• Stop skin yeast infections
• Cure oral and male yeast infections
• Obtain relief from burning, itching, painful urination and discharge
• Save money on doctor’s appointments and prescriptions

Upon purchasing the Natural Cure for Yeast Infection, customers are entitled to unlimited personal one-on-one support through 24/7 email contact, access to a members’ only website and two bonus eBooks: ‘Lessons from the Miracle Doctors’ and ‘Rapid Stress Relief’.

What is a yeast infection?

Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of the commonly occurring bodily fungus candida albicans. As 75% of the female population are likely to suffer from some sort of yeast infection during their lifetime according to the US Health and Human Services department, many women are desperate to find a cure. One of the problems commonly reported by sufferers is that as infections can be found in the genitals, mouth, fingernails, toenails, skin and organs, it is difficult to know how to tackle the huge variance of symptoms.

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