Nature Power 40400 Review

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About this kit… The Nature Power 40400 Solar Home and RV Kit features a 40-Watt solar panel for producing your own source of energy at home. The power supply reaches up to 1800 watts and is produced through four AC outlets.

The portable design means it can be used for powering in remote locations or for back-up power use in outages. The kit features a built-in transfer switch and an AC charger so the kit is flexible depending on the situation and what you require it for.

During a power outage, the transfer switch will guarantee that the power supply will turn to battery power until the power returns (when it is plugged into the wall). If there is a lengthy power outage, the battery power will get recharged by the solar panel. For these reasons, this portable kit makes an ideal source of energy in emergencies or for backup.

There is 35 feet of cabling to permit flexible placing of the solar panel, making it ideal for remote locations. Other features include an easily assembled design that does not require the services of an expert or professional (the entire assembly should not take longer than an hour).

The kit is based on a modular design, which allows for easy expansion with the addition of auxiliary batteries and more solar panels, for up to 130-watt from a solar array per auxiliary battery. The system runs silently and produces no fumes, and has been approved by UL and CSA.

Recent reviews… Of the buyers we surveyed, all agreed that the 40400 delivered the advertised benefits, believing the product would be a suitable backup power alternative in the case of an emergency.


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