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Niche Profit Classroom is an online course geared towards internet marketers, promising to instruct on how to create niche websites that will serve as online passive income. Niche Profit Classroom is described as one of the best ways to make money online.

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The Niche Profit Classroom course aims to teach you how to discover underserved niche markets, create websites specifically designed for these niche markets, and how to make money selling your own or affiliate products. The basis of this method relies on the assumption that sustained success is easier to achieve in niche markets than general markets. Yes, the niche market audience is comparatively smaller than general and popular markets but the competition is less, giving you a higher probability of discovery.

What Do You Get?

Niche Profit Classroom is a subscription website and members will receive:

1. Video Tutorials
• Creating profitable websites in 7 steps.
• Learn how to drive traffic and sales to your websites.
• Learn how to quickly accomplish tasks.
• And much more including learning about affiliate programs, list building and website conversions.
• 8 modules covered over 130 video tutorials.

2. Software Suite
• Niche Profit Press Website Builder
• Niche Profit Premier Web Hosting
• Niche Market Profiler
• Money Word Matrix Keyword Tool
• 15 Minute Sales letter Wizard
• 15 Minute Newsletter Creator

3. Internet Marketing Tools And Resources
• Two monthly readymade niche markets called Niche Packs delivered to you.
• Niche Packs can be used with Niche Profit Classroom website builder to create money making websites within minutes.
• Niche Packs can also be used as a template for your future sites.

4. Coaching And Support
• Live Training Presentations
• Q&A Teleconferences
• Personal Website Critiques
• Niche Profit Community Forum
• Mastermind Coaching

What Are People Saying About It?

Niche Profit Market understands the scepticism surrounding internet marketing courses and offers a limited trial for a very low fee. This afforded potential members a chance to tryout the program and make an informed decision whether to stay or leave based on actual experience. This was seen a huge plus. However, the subscription fee increases quite a bit after this trial has expired.

Unlike other internet marketing courses that are not geared towards novice internet markets, Niche Profit Classroom caters to this segment. Anyone can join because the course is structured to answer both the hows and whys of internet marketing. Niche Profit Classroom begins with the very basics and gradually advances as you progress through the course. For every new topic, the course details the concept, provides examples and offers action plans. People learn in different ways and Niche Profit Classroom members appreciated the fact that there are learning resources in visual, audio and written formats.

Building websites may be a daunting task to some internet marketers but Niche Profit Classroom has greatly simplified this procedure. The program offers plug and play WordPress sites that members can set up within minutes and need very little maintenance. For the more advanced internet marketers, Niche Profit Classroom also offers video tutorials on building custom websites from the ground up. Many members preferred the plug and play websites because of the convenience and simplicity. There is a fee attached to these sites, for every website you build you will need to purchase a domain name. This amount can easily add up as you increase your websites. However, incorporated in the Niche Profit Classroom subscription fee are web hosting costs regardless of the number of websites you choose to have. Members said this resulted in huge savings.

After the website has been built, you can choose to create your own products to sell on the site. Training resources are provided to help members with this. Many members stated that these product creation courses were very detailed and they have been successful in creating their own products. Another route, which seemed to be the preferred method, was to use affiliate products and market those for a commission.

Most members appreciated the inclusion of the Internet Marketing Tools but felt that there were better ones on the market. They also believed that the course should have included PPC advertising since this is a very important internet marketing element.

Customer support did not receive favourable reviews. Members complained about long wait times; one member stated customer support answered his query after a week.

Niche Profit Classroom has declared their internet marketing strategy as a long term on. Building traffic takes time and effort. Niche Profit Classroom does not claim to be a quick to riches route but they do claim that their method will net you some profits. Of course, this varies across the board but the consensus is that members are making money.

Just as there is a definite timeline with a university course, the same applies to Niche Profit Classroom. Members reported that after a while you will reach a point where you will learn all that you can from the course. When this happens, the subscription value is no longer an investment but an expense, so most ended their subscriptions when that time came.

Is It A Scam?

Niche Profit Classroom has been a staple within the internet marketing community for many years. They have received hundreds of positive reviews, which include reviews from very notable internet marketers.

The method utilised by Niche Profit Marketing appears to work because of their approach: build simple sites within niche markets, make them automated so little maintenance is needed and populate the websites with evergreen and quality content. It should be noted that this is only the foundation; the real money is how you choose to drive traffic to the sites. Niche Profit Classroom devotes plenty of training resources to this area as well as providing exceptional coaching, which makes it a very well rounded internet marketing course.

Where Can You Join?

You must purchase your subscription to Niche Market Classroom from its official website in order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee.

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