No Cost Income Stream Review

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What is it?

No Cost Income Stream is an exclusive members’ only website which contains a comprehensive selection of training resources on money-making online ventures that require no initial investment. The system’s creator Eric Holmlund is confident that the 89 videos and 5 distinct money-making business models can help anyone, whether they are new to making money online or already own an established business. The resources page contains a host of downloadable PDF instructions and videos which take users step-by-step how to generate a full-time income through affiliate marketing, list building, creating products, freelancer sites and web traffic methods.

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Buyer Reviews

People are always looking for easy ways in which to make money from the internet, one of the most lucrative platforms of the modern era. Due to this, there are an abundance of review sites and bloggers who deal exclusively with testing out the legitimacy and efficacy of schemes such as No Cost Income Stream.

Looking to the available online reviews on Eric Holmlund’s training programme, it is evident that users have had varying levels of success trying to implement the advice. Whilst some have reported that the expertise has allowed them to generate significant, sustainable incomes, others have stated that they have hardly made any profit whatsoever. However, it can be discerned that the majority of reviewers appear to be new to the concept of making money from the internet, therefore it can be suggested that the system may not be suitable for advanced internet marketers.

On the whole, users have reported favourably on the content of the training videos and PDF materials, stating that they are simple to understand, clear and comprehensive. Although the videos are available in mp4 Flash and WMP format so as to be compatible with both Mac and Windows, some users have experienced difficulty in accessing the content because they are originally contained within a zipped file. Users therefore must be aware that they may require additional software before they can make the most of the training resources.

Is it a scam?

As is the case with many internet schemes promising anyone that they can generate significant income from the internet without investing any money, there are suspicions online that the No Cost Income Stream may be a scam. This claim is certainly strengthened by the fact that the system contains many upsells which try to convince the user to purchase further add-ons to get the most out of the training. Although this has clearly fooled many internet newbies, experienced bloggers have stated that these add-ons are actually only recommended for advanced marketers and therefore beginners may be taken advantage of.

Many reviewers have also commented that users need not pay for much of the information and guidance contained within the programme, as it should be already available for free online. Whilst these people have conceded that the video content and layout is actually quite good, they have maintained that by using self-motivation, users can already teach themselves what is highlighted in the training without paying the one-off subscription fee.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase No Cost Income Stream from the official website.

What’s included?

Upon purchasing the one-off subscription fee, customers are entitled to unlimited access to the No Cost Income Stream members’ site. Here, the users are free to browse and download the training videos and PDF resources so as to learn about any one of the 5 business models, as highlighted below.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Outlines the basics to online affiliate marketing whilst introducing a straightforward approach to run an entire profit pulling system without domain registering or web host costs.
2. List Building: How to harness deliverability which is on par with top paid auto-responders and build a profitable subscriber list for free to convert into a full-time income.
3. Product Creation: How to create a unique, marketable product with no up-front cash whatsoever.
4. Freelancer Sites: Generate cash on demand.
5. Web Traffic: 16 no-cost web traffic generation methods containing no PPC or advertising costs. The winning keyword research formula ensures that users need not worry about SEO or Google updates as multiple traffic sources are outlined.

In addition to gaining access to the full No Cost Income Stream training programme, customers are also entitled to download the following bonus material upon purchase:

• The Graphic Tools Home Study Course
• The Screencasting Tools Course
• The $100k Affiliate Course
• 10 PLR List Building Package

More about affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing or ‘performance marketing’ is where a business rewards its affiliates for each online visitor or paying customer brought to their website by the affiliate’s marketing tactics. This also overlaps with other methods such as organic SEO, pay per click, email subscription marketing and content marketing. Today, affiliate marketing is an incredibly lucrative business to get into, with the total sales amount generated via affiliate networks in 2006 totalling £2.16 billion in the UK alone.

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