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a brand name drug detrol is approved by the food and drug administration fda , and is supplied by one company the pharmaceutical manufacturer .

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a total of 710 pediatric patients 486 on detrol la and 224 on placebo aged 5-10 years with urinary frequency and urge urinary incontinence were studied.

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the spatial distribution of the larval and adult mosquito collections was overlaid on the land-use image derived from the landsat image, and the detrol number of mosquitoes habitats identified in each class calculated.

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both patients themselves and the parents of pe- diatric patients maintained hope even when they were told of a poor prognosis cheap 1mg detrol with mastercard treatment hyperthyroidism, low likelihood of response to treatment purchase detrol 4 mg free shipping 68w medications, or no chance of a cure mack and smith 2012 .


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