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Chances are that you’ve heard about the revolutionary Paleo Diet and how it has helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. That’s great. Right? What if all the information you needed for the Paleo Diet was packaged into one book? No need to research. No need to look up recipes. Well, Sebastien Noel wrote it: The Paleo Recipe Book.

Simply put, the Paleo Diet imitates the ancient diet of humans in the Palaeolithic Era, which is why it is sometimes called the Caveman Diet. Our ancestors led healthy lives and modern day diseases were virtually non-exist in those times. They were fit, strong and lean. Therefore, it can be reasoned that the food they consumed played an integral role in their wellbeing. Their diet habits were studied and adapted to modern day living to give the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Recipe Book simplifies things for you by providing over 370 Paleo recipes with full colour photos. These recipes are segmented into 18 categories for your convenience. You can learn more about the package along with the bonus material here.

With your purchase of a Paleo Recipe Book, you receive 5 bonuses:

  1. 8 Week Meal Plan
  2. Paleo Desserts
  3. Quick and Simple Paleo Meals
  4. Herbs and Spices
  5. Troubleshooting Paleo

Buyer Reviews

How many times have you heard that nutrition is a huge factor in our overall health and weight? Yet scientific research shows that our current diet of large amounts of sugar, trans fats and refined foods are causing an unprecedented rise in diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and depression. And that’s not even the entire list.

The Paleo Diet recommends much healthier eating. The building blocks of the diet are lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats from healthy sources such as avocadoes, nuts and olive oil.

The benefits of the Paleo Diet cannot be understated. Reviewers who changed their lifestyle, prepared and ate the recipes in the Paleo Recipe Book noted decreased and stable blood sugar levelsclearer and brighter skin, an increase in their daily energy levelslowered blood pressure, and a more restful sleep.

The recipes were easy to follow and reviewers loved the full colour pictures that were included. In this way, there was a visual to follow when preparing the recipes. You knew what the meal was supposed to look like.

Everyone has different tastes, so the pictures were a huge help in deciding which recipes they thought they would enjoy and those they wouldn’t. With over 370 recipes, even if you passed on a few recipes there were plenty more to choose from!

The biggest obstacle for many reviewers was the change in lifestyle. Recipes did not include junk food. So it took commitment and perseverance to stick to the Paleo way of eating.

For the many who had a sweet tooth, the bonus Paleo Dessert Book could not have been a greater gift. There is nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth the healthy way.

The constant consummation of healthy Paleo recipes helped many reviewers with their weight loss goals. And when coupled with exercise, some reviewers managed to lose many pounds.

Reviewers also noticed an increased grocery bill. But then, wouldn’t you rather pay more for good healthy food than spend it in doctor bills and medication?

How to follow the paleo diet on a budget

If you’re keen to embrace the traditions of our ancestors and start the paleo diet, or rather lifestyle, but are worried about increasing your food bill, we’ve put together some general tips on how you can eat for less.

  • Grow your own. Whether it’s growing some herbs on your window sill, vegetables in the garden or if you’re lucky enough to have space for egg laying chickens, every little helps. The more produce you’re able to grow yourself, the more diversity you can enjoy and the more money you’ll save.
  • Foraging. No matter where you live, there’s always something tasty to forage. Mushrooms are perhaps the most common thing to find, but just make sure you’re with someone who knows what they’re doing as some are poisonous. Other common edible wild plants include nettles, wild garlic, blackberries and herbs such as mint and rosemary. If you live by the sea, you’ll be able to forage cockles, mussels, limpets, winkles and seaweeds like samphire.
  • Buy in bulk. This can be tricky because many foods on the paleo diet cannot be easily stored or kept for a long time. However, items such as nuts and seeds can be bought in sacks online and will work out cheaper in the long run. Another option is bulk buying meat from your local farm or butchers. The more you buy, the less per unit it will cost and most meat freezes pretty well.

Where to buy and download

The Paleo Recipe Book can only be bought from its official website – buying here will qualify you for the 5 bonus features, along with the 60 day money-back guarantee.

You can use the comment thread below to leave a comment or ask questions about the product.

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