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Panic Away is an anxiety treatment program developed by Barry McDonagh. Due to his own battle with panic attacks, McDonagh has firsthand knowledge of how debilitating anxiety can be. According to him, the fear of a panic attack brought on a panic attack. Simple tasks became daunting obstacles. His quality of life quickly deteriorated. Ashamed of the stigma and fearful of becoming dependent on medication, McDonagh refused to seek outside help.  Instead, he turned to research to discover his own solution.

Many times in his research McDonagh came across the use of breathing techniques to calm and distract during a panic attack. He states very clearly that this does not work. In fact what worked for him was doing the complete opposite: riding the wave of the anxiety, letting it happen without fighting it. This technique is now known as the 21-7 Technique™.

In his Panic Away training series, McDonagh fully explains his process and teaches the method of applying it to your daily life. The Panic Away program is a compilation of DVDs, CDs and a book.

It can be purchased in physical format shipped to your mailing address, in digital format, or you can buy both formats at a discounted price. Click here to learn more about the package and the 100% money-back guarantee.

The guide focuses on three stages:

  1. Trust
  2. Acceptance
  3. Persistence

There are also sections on anxiety triggers such as flying, OCD and GAD. All chapters also contain case studies and instructions.

Currently 2 bonuses are included:

  1. Access to the Panic Away Forum
  2. Panic Away Conversations 2014

What are people saying about it?

Panic away has received several favourable endorsements both from the general audience and from noted psychologists.

The cornerstone of the Panic Away program is trust. The technique cannot work if you continue to fight the anxiety. You must do the opposite and let it ride its course. Therefore, you must trust that the panic attack is not an infinite experience, nor is it physically harmful or fatal. Many indicated that this was not an easy task, especially during a panic attack but it is a crucial component.

Another issue raised with McDonagh 21-7 Technique™ was the advice of encouraging bouts of anxiety in order to practice the technique.  That was a big stumbling block for many reviewers. It is really against human nature to encourage something bad to happen to you but the essence lies in the fact that panic attacks are completely psychological. Therefore, embracing the unknown and overcoming the fear is a giant leap towards recovery.

Panic Away is not a quick solution program. It is a gradual process and it will take time to learn the techniques. However, reviewers have indicated that the process is worth it because it does get better.

How much better? For many people, the final results were mixed. Some buyers said their panic attacks disappeared completely. Others said that the occurrences of panic attacks were greatly reduced. I did not come across any reviews that said that the program did not work.

A life lived with constant panic attacks is simply not a life lived. It is severely limiting and can progress to depression. Taking a chance on a non-medicated solution that has garnered several positive reviews seems to be a much better alternative.

Is it a scam?

There are certainly a lot of suspicious reviews online, making bold claims about this guide, but there are also some really positive reviews from reputable websites where customers have found Barry’s teachings really effective. As with most products, Panic Away is not a quick fix. This is a product for anyone looking for a natural method on how to overcome their anxieties. Barry is a walking advertisement for his product, his methods and techniques in the ebook are the results of his own research and experience of overcoming his personal anxieties.

Will it help everyone? Despite Barry declaring so in his introduction, I doubt that it will. Anxiety effects people in completely different ways, and therefore there is not one remedy that will help everyone. How do you know if this product might help your anxiety? Well essentially you don’t. It is a risk in the sense that it might not help you at all, and in retrospect you may feel you’ve wasted your time trying it, but on the other hand it could change your life forever, and that’s a pretty lucrative risk. The guide comes with an 8 week money back guarantee, so if you’re unsatisfied, you may have lost a bit of time but you won’t be out of pocket financially.

Where to buy and download

In order to qualify for the bonus material and 8 week money-back guarantee you must purchase Panic Away from its official website.

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