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Paxil suicide litigation currently, there is no history of mass tort filings related to the paxil suicide connection.

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participants in the study pyramidal mentholated women turbid with paxil 10-50 mg day for 10 days and their newborn infants.

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although i wish that i had gotten off of paxil many years ago and was not dependent on it, the low dosage 15 mg i take daily has helped me a lot with generalized anxiety, so the benefits outweigh any costs, in my case.

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until today, the fourth day off of paxil 10mg , i had no reason to believe i would experience any type of withdrawl.

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table 5 treatment-emergent adverse effects occurring in 1 of patients treated with paxil cr in a social anxiety disorder study a,b.

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in addition to paxil the ssri s prozac, zoloft, and luvox were studied.


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