Powermate PM0497000.04 Review

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The Powermate PM0497000.04 model portable generator is powered by a reliable 13 HP Honda GX390 OHV (Overhead Valve) gas engine featuring low-oil shutdown ability. Capable of 7,000 running watts and 8,750 maximum output watts, the PM0497000.04 is ideal as a backup power supply for domestic emergencies and blackouts as it can support multiple household appliances simultaneously. The control panel features four 120V outlets and one 120/240V twistlock outlet, protected by a circuit breaker. The generator is run off an 8 gallon gas tank with fuel gauge, providing up to 12.3 hours run time at 50% load. The Powermate also ensures maximum transportability as it features a lightweight, durable frame with pneumatic wheels and dolly folding handles making it the ideal generator for use at a jobsite or for construction purposes.

Satisfied Powermate customers have been impressed with the ease of the manual start-up as it generally gets the engine running within 1-2 pulls. Users are also pleased with the reliability and dependability of the Honda engine for a consistent, solid performance. Typically, customers have used the Powermate PM0497000.04 as an alternative backup power supply in the home for extreme weather conditions and have been satisfied with how the generator has supported multiple appliances such as TV’s, fridge freezers and security systems at the same time without difficulty.

Some users have recommended turning the fuel regulator valve off before the main power switch as otherwise there may be a bright, loud backfire from the engine causing a potential fire hazard. Some customers have also suggested a redesign of the wheels as due to the heavy duty components and full fuel tank, the wheels have been caused to buckle under the weight of the unit thus hindering mobility. As is common with gas powered portable generators, a minority of users have commented that the noise emitted is excessive, however it seems no more excessive than other competitor generators on the market today. Lastly, few users have expressed criticism at the fuel shut off valve for not operating properly and that it has been known for the fuel to pour out of the carburettor overflow causing a significant fire hazard. However these reviews are few and seem to be due to an anomalous quality control design fault.

On the whole, customers seem to be very satisfied with the Powermate PM0497000.04 as being a reliable and dependable unit offering consistent performance in the home, outdoors or at the jobsite.

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