Pregnancy Miracle Review

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What is it?

Pregnancy Miracle is a guide on how to get pregnant by Lisa Olson, a self proclaimed certified nutrition specialist, health consultant and medical researcher who claims that women of any age who follow her program will get pregnant in just 8 weeks.

In her promotional video, Lisa explains that she struggled with infertility herself for years, and after failing to get pregnant through mainstream methods she began to independently research various options. Her ebook is therefore the result of her research which she claims enabled her to naturally conceive twice and give birth to two healthy babies. She claims that the ebook has helped 1000’s of women over the last 14 years in over 130 countries.

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Is it a scam?

What lets this guide down is it’s over the top sales pitch that claims any woman can get pregnant by following this guide in just 8 weeks. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this claim is absolutely ludicrous. Unfortunately for some women, getting pregnant naturally will never be a possibility as there are some medical conditions which simply cannot be cured. The biological clock of a woman is also a factor, and although Lisa claims on her promotional video that even a 51 year old woman became pregnant from following her guide, I didn’t find any evidence to support this claim. Although it’s not impossible for a woman to conceive naturally later on in life, it is rare.

It’s extremely hard to find an unbiased review online for this guide. Even when looking at supposedly independent forums such as mumsnet and yahoo, the posts are full of affiliate links and fake testimonials. It’s also worth mentioning that some vloggers claim that Lisa Olson isn’t even a real person. I wasn’t able to find evidence to support or reject this accusation.

Customer Reviews

The majority of reviews online do seem to be fake, but there are some reviewers who testify that the guide gave them an insight into a healthier lifestyle and environment for conceiving a baby. Some reviewers confirmed that they did indeed become pregnant after following the advice in this guide, but it’s difficult to determine whether these conceptions can be pinpointed to one or several pieces of information in the guide or whether it was simply due to a placebo effect. It’s also worth mentioning that those with the most success seem to be below the age of 35.

So what’s the verdict?

This is a comprehensive guide on getting pregnant naturally, through nutrition, exercise, relaxation and Chinese medicine such as acupuncture. There is nothing ground breaking in this guide and no miracle golden nugget of information that’s going to make you pregnant overnight, if at all.

It’s true to say that the information inside this ebook can be found for free online. This ebook therefore offers you the convenience of finding all the information in one place. Whether you decide to do independent research or read Lisa’s advice in Pregnancy Miracle is up to you.

If you do decide to purchase this ebook, it’s important to remember that despite the claims of the author, this ebook will not guarantee you’ll conceive naturally. At the same time, it is true to say that women who have given themselves a lifestyle overhaul and embraced a healthy mind and body have had some success in falling pregnant naturally.

Where to Buy and Download

You must purchase the Pregnancy Miracle guide from the official website in order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee.

How does it work?

The guide takes a holistic approach, and includes elements of Chinese medicine. The guide is based around a 5 principle steps:

Step 1: The importance of achieving balance, harmony and congruency: This includes tips on exercises and activities to avoid and include.
Step 2: How diet, vitamins and minerals can increase fertility: This includes information about harmful household products, food to avoid and include.
Step 3: Balancing your body with acupuncture and herbs: Acupuncture is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help increase fertility, although it is less popularised in Western medicine. According to, acupuncture may contribute to increased fertility by relaxing and distressing, but some specialists also believe it can increase the blood flow to the uterus and relax the muscles which in turn can give embryos a better chance of implanting. It is also worth mentioning that in some cases acupuncture’s success could simply be down to a placebo effect where the patients belief contributes to its success.
Step 4: Cleansing and Detoxing: This includes a 3 day juice cleanse, 7 day parasite cleanse, heavy metal cleanse and a liver detox.
Step 5: De-stressing with Acupressure and Qi Gong Exercises: These Chinese exercises aim to relax your muscles and keep you calm. According to the NHS, severe stress can reduce sperm count in men and negatively effect female ovulation.

The Program claims to help even those with the following problems:

• Tubal Obstruction
• High Levels of FSH
• Ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids
• History of miscarriages
• A partner with low sperm count
• A partner with low sperm motility

What else is included?

• 10 Foods to Avoid and 1 drink that can decrease your chances of conception by half.
The Truth About Infertility Treatment: Lisa’s views on conventional infertility treatments, and why she believes they don’t work.
Secret Hormonal-Balancing Supplement: The one supplement that Lisa advocates in improving your fertility.
Breathing Strategies: Lisa claims that these strategies can help to improve hormone production.
• 17 common household products that can interfere with hormonal balance and thus prevent conception.
The 3 Part Conception System.
• Tips and pointers on when you’re ovulating and how timing is key for conception.

As well as this, the book comes with 6 bonuses:

1. 3 months worth of free one on one counselling with Lisa
2. Free updates for life
3. Pregnancy Week By Week
4. 7000+ Baby Names With Meanings
5. The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation
6. From PMS to PPD: Understanding The Phases Of The Female Body

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