Primal Fat Burning System

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What is it?

The PaleoBurn Fat Burning System is a weight loss programme which draws inspiration from our Palaeolithic ancient ancestors and claims to offer an easy-to-follow, lifestyle plan which helps anyone to combat obesity and transform fat into fuel. Using a unique combination of meal plans and targeted exercises, Ken Burge has spent years researching medical journals in order to identify the nutritional culprits responsible for the obesity crisis in the US. Instantly downloadable in the form of an eBook and bonus audio file, the PaleoBurn System claims to be a safe, effective and permanent alternative to fad diets, extreme surgery and chemical supplements.

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How does it work?

The Paleo diet is premised on the fact that misleading ‘health’ foods such as grains and other foods high in excess carbohydrates and refined sugars are the underlying cause in most people’s battle with their weight. By adopting the lifestyle of prehistoric cavemen, Ken Burge lost 31 lbs and was so impressed by the health benefits that he compiled the PaleoBurn system to educate others. The exclusion of insulin-inducing carbohydrates and the increased intake of specifically permitted food groups (such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats and eggs) helps to harness hormone levels for maximum fat burning.

Ken Burge is convinced that big corporations have an interest in sustaining the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry through ineffective supplements and diet pills when he believes the answer to dieting is simply making these simple, natural dietary modifications. Using the scientifically proven Paleo method, those wanting to lose weight not only drop the lbs, but also grow lean muscle and learn to live a healthier, happier life. With the Paleo system, the focus is not only on looking better, but also feeling better by avoiding debilitating ailments often associated with obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Turning now to exercise, Ken Burge is revolutionary in stating that arduous workouts and exercise plans are not a requirement of weight loss. Instead, the Paleo System advocates short, sharp bursts of activity amidst long periods of rest and relaxation.

What are the other techniques used?

• The Paleo Pattern Lifestyle Response: getting sufficient sleep maximises weight loss and restores for youthful bodies
Eliminate stress: flood of cortisol cause cellular damage and contribute to weight gain.
Stimulation of the Human Growth Hormone: helps to burn calories and keep weight off

Bonus Features

In addition to the comprehensive eBook, upon purchase customers are also entitled to access the PaleoBurn Quick Start Guide, the PaleoBurn Food List, PaleoBurn Cookbook, Gold Level access to the PaleoBurn Fat Burner Nutrition Plan and the exclusive smartphone app.

Is it a scam?

Admittedly, a significant number of customer reviews and testimonials available online seem to be overly positive and for promotional purposes only. However, this is not to say that the PaleoBurn Fat Burning System is not effective in aiding weight loss. A fair assessment of genuine customer comments indicates that, if followed correctly, the system is extremely effective in shifting those few extra pounds and generally enhancing health and wellbeing.

The few critical comments levied against the Paleo Diet have largely regarded the fact that its founder, Ken Burges, is not a medically qualified doctor, scientist or nutritionist. However, staunch supporters of the diet on forums and blogs have been quick to rebut this by pointing to independent recommendations by highly regarded healthcare professionals such as the GP Dr Todd Dent and cancer specialist Dr Steve Vasilev. Some reviewers have even preferred that Ken Burges holds no official qualifications as this makes him easily relatable; it is the example of his personal weight loss which makes success attainable for the regular person.

Glancing at the testimonials, it is clear to see that people from all backgrounds, classes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels have benefited from PaleoBurn. It is this universal appeal which has attracted its many followers and strengthened the system’s prestige in the dieting world. Whilst drastic surgery or costly diet pills aren’t suitable for everyone, the PaleoBurn system amounts to a lifestyle change which can be easily implemented and maintained permanently for long-lasting effects. It’s important to note that since it is a lifestyle change, people may experience an adjustment period but after a few weeks most reviewers have confirmed that the guide becomes much easier to follow and maintain. 

By purchasing PaleoBurn, customers are automatically accorded Gold Level access to the online community of other PaleoBurn members. Several reviews have highlighted that one of the system’s greatest strengths is the level of support available to others who are also undergoing the programme. In addition to peer-to-peer support, the members-only online area also features motivational videos and new workout routines, from beginner to intermediate. Some customers have even commented that they have made like-minded friends and started their own local Paleo groups just by logging onto the site.

Where to Buy and Download

Those interested in losing weight and making healthy lifestyle changes through PaleoBurn can download the eBook from the official website for instant access. As the manual and its bonus content is in PDF format, users are free to read at their convenience, whether on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Those who do not see results from the programme are entitled to a 60 day money back guarantee when they buy from the official site

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