Primal Stress Review

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What is it?

Scott Sonnon’s Primal Stress fitness therapy programme aims to minimise and control stress through gentle physical exercise and discipline. The rationale behind this digitally downloadable eBook is that physical health and inner calm must be harmonised so as to achieve an inner state of grace. It is this vital link between the body and mind which provides the basis for the programme’s illustrated guides and exercise demonstration videos. Fitness consultant, MMA expert and eBook author Scott Sonnon is confident that by implementing these simple exercises as part of a daily routine, users can expect to dramatically reduce their professional and personal stress, whilst also seeing a decrease in stress-related illnesses.

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Buyer Reviews

Considering that 77% of Americans reported experiencing physical symptoms of stress in 2014 according to the American Psychological Association, it is evident that chronic stress is a very real modern-day affliction. This prevalence is reflected in the number of Primal Stress customer reviews, the majority of which are generally favourable.

Despite the user satisfaction, it is apparent that many of those who have experienced impressive results by following the exercise regime have already tried out similar stress-reducing disciplines such as tai chi and yoga. It is therefore suggested that those who are familiar with these practices already have been more open to trying out the ‘New Age’ theories contained within Primal Stress.

This is also evident in the scepticism shown by some bloggers who are more accustomed to traditional stress-reduction methods such as conventional medication, rest and nutrition.
In the same vein, due to the psychophysiological foundation of the programme some users have found the language used in the eBook to be too technical and often ‘wishy-washy’, even putting off some potential customers. However, some have argued that this can be overcome due to the fact that the programme is mainly explained via detailed colour illustration and training videos.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Primal Stress from the official website.

How does it work?

Primal Stress is premised on three main concepts which users are made aware of in the introductory materials:

• The importance of unlocking the genetic codes which trigger relaxation to combat stress-induced tension
• Critical biomechanics which enhance strength and help to combat stress
• The unique neurological power that causes people to thrive under acute stress

These concepts are upheld through the various daily exercises outlined in the step-by-step guides and videos.

What’s included?

The following components make up the Primal Stress fitness programme:

Primal Stress: Revive, Survive, Thrive – This eBook is comprised of 224 pages of detailed instructions and colour illustrations. In addition to introducing the negative impact stress can have upon health, it also categorises the main causes of modern-day stress, which can be hydration or exercise related, nutritional, occupational, vocational, relational and financial. This component includes flinch reflexes, form reactions and flow responses especially devised by Scott Sonnon to target the cause of stress.
Revive Flow Videos: Contains 7 instructional and 8 follow-along videos which seek to decompress joints, loosen up the inner ‘fluid body’ which surrounds the bones and improve circulation to body tissue.
Flow Physique Videos: Contains 18 instructional and 18 follow along videos which makes up a bodyweight fitness system to improve strength, endurance and stamina.
Thrive Flow Videos: Concentrates on total movement rather than individual muscles.
Flow Physique Step-by-Step Training Week Calendar Daily Journal
Resilience Breathing Video
Live Boldly Book

More about stress
Recent studies conducted by the American Psychological Association have named work as the primary stressor in modern life, closely followed by money, health and relationship problems. These people often reported experiencing physical symptoms which impacted their everyday life, from muscle tension and headaches to dizziness and teeth grinding. Stress has even been linked to serious and potentially fatal health conditions such as heart disease, stroke and depression.

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