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Work At Home jobs are in great demand, whether it is full time or part time. Out of the field, freelance writing has become the preferred Work At Home job; one of the reasons for this is that entrance into the freelance writing market is comparatively low, the main and most important skill set is a good knowledge of the English Language: grammar, punctuation and spelling. Many people, with English as their first language, meet this criterion and are thus eligible to become freelance writers.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division within the U.S. Department of Labor, writers, which include freelance writers on average, make $55,940 per year. This is a very respectable income, which is clearly above minimum wage. For the millions of people who have lost their jobs or were feeling hopeless in their current ones, freelance writing can be a solution to these woes.

For many novice freelancers, the biggest hurdle is always getting the first and next job. Real Writing Jobs seeks to bridge this gap by offering a daily list of freelance writing jobs at your fingertips for your convenience. So instead of searching out these jobs leads you can, for a low one-time fee, be granted access to hundreds of paying freelance jobs on the Real Writing Jobs’ platform.

What Do You Get?

When you join Real Writing Jobs, you will receive paying job leads on:

• Article writing on various topics
• Niche blog writing
• Review writing for a range of products including movies, books and recreational items
• Article proofreading and editing
• Magazine articles, both trade and national
• Fiction ghost-writing

Members of Real Writing Jobs will also receive various training resources and tools to help them begin their freelance writing career.

What Are People Saying About It?

Firstly, despite English being your first language you must possess other competent skills to be a successful freelance writer. Besides grammar, punctuation and spelling, you must be able to competently use a computer and the internet, proofread and edit your work, research and fact check, be willing to learn new things, be professional, communicative and be able to market yourself. This may be a long list but everything on this list can be self-taught. And if you have ever been employed with a company, chances are that you already possess some or all of these skills.

Real Writing Jobs members love the convenience of working from home. There are no long commutes or work place politics to deal with. Members are essentially their own bosses, setting their own work hours. Thus, if you are a night owl you can work at night and vice versa. Also, being able to work remotely meant members are not restricted to any one location; you can work anywhere with your computer once you have access to a reliable internet connection.

But do not let all of these freedoms mislead you. Work At Home jobs require a great deal of discipline, determination and motivation. Even if you’re working at home or remotely, freelance writing should be treated the same as a normal job; you need to put in the hours to achieve the work and get paid. In the early days of freelance writing, new members were surprised to find themselves putting in much more hours than they expected. This was especially the case with members who had slow typing abilities. So the notion of working only a few hours a week to make a living wage is simply unfounded. Nonetheless, with time and experience, these writers increased their typing speeds and became more efficient.

Some members talked about their fears upon entering the world of freelance writing and were unprepared for the bidding process required to land most freelance writing jobs. Real Writing Jobs will provide you with a list of hundreds of paying job leads but getting and completing the job is solely up to you. It was a bit daunting for members making the transition from being a regular employee with a guaranteed fix salary to being a new freelance writer where landing the next job determined your pay.

To help new freelance writers navigate this new business, Real Writing Jobs offer training resources on bidding for jobs, what is expected of you as a professional freelance writer and how to go about completing the work. Many members said that Real Writing Jobs training resources were helpful and detailed but they recognised that this was the tip of the iceberg when it came to the training needed to excel and stand out as a successful freelance writer. Some commented that training is never complete and a freelance writer is constantly learning and adapting as things change.

Real Writing Jobs offer no guides on explaining the various freelance writing areas. Through their own research members learned the specific formats for different articles; for example, a review article will be structured differently to a blog post. Also, different articles require different tones, such as a professional tone for informative articles or a causal and friendly tone for travel blogs. So while Real Writing Jobs covered some topics very well with their training courses, members felt that the training could have gone more in-depth.

A recurring complaint amongst members is the long wait times for support services. This posed a problem for many new freelance writers who were just starting out and had many queries.

Members loved the wide range of jobs leads available, from simple review articles to more technical pieces on medical breakthroughs. Also available are non-writing jobs associated with the freelance writing industry, such as proofreading and editing. Many members felt that Real Writing Jobs could have done a better organisation of the jobs on the platform. All jobs are lumped together and it is up to the members to sift through the extensive list.

Real Writing Jobs claims that experience is not necessary. This statement can be true in some instances, such as blogging about a topic you are familiar with or writing a short piece of fiction. On the other hand, if you have no knowledge of web design there is no way you will be able to write a credible and high quality article on the subject. So in some cases, experience is very well needed.

A freelance writer’s pay can be lucrative but this is dependent on several factors. Two such factors are qualifications and experience; usually, the more knowledgeable you are on a topic with qualifications to support this, the higher your earning potential. Members reported a wide range of earnings.

There are freelance writing jobs at every skill level. The best strategy is to bid for jobs at your current skill level, even if the pay is not the best, and work upwards from there. A few members admitted to bidding on higher skilled jobs because of the better pay rates but this was all in vain and amounted to wasted time because their bids were never accepted. As members became more experienced, their writing improved and they were able to command better jobs with higher pay.

Is It A Scam?

Real Writing Jobs provides exactly what it promises: paying freelance writing job leads. Some of the jobs are from sites that are very easy to access. Yes, you can choose to spend an inordinate amount of time discovering these websites, crawling through them, searching out writing jobs and then begin the bidding process. However, if you do go this route, you will soon discover that it is a time consuming venture and that your time can be better spent writing. And as a freelance writer, the amount of time you spend writing will directly affect your earnings; when you write more, you will earn more.

Some members grumbled about having to pay for this service. But paying for job leads isn’t unheard of. Before the internet era, there were job recruiters. These recruiters had to be paid in order to find you with a job opportunity without any guarantees. And now there are hundreds of job hunting websites where subscription fees are paid monthly to view the job prospects. It is simply a service rendered. With Real Writing Jobs, all that is required for hundreds of daily job leads is one low single payment. And it is very possible to earn back this fee in one month, or even on week.

A common misconception with Work At Home jobs is that it is quite easy to make thousands of dollars every month, this is simply not true. What is true is that Work At Home jobs, such as freelance writing, allows you the opportunity to dictate your salary potential but this can only be achieved with a really strong work ethic, an organised work structure and great self-discipline.

Where Can You Join?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase from the official website. 

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