Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Review

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What Is It?

Christopher Sia was once an amateur pencil portrait artist striving to master his craft. In his early days of creating pencil portraits, he felt he was stuck at the same mediocre skill level despite hours and hours of practice. Christopher got his breakthrough at a pencil portrait artists’ exhibition. After seeing so much talent, that was greater than his, Christopher went back to the drawing board. After relentless practice sessions, he claims to finally have uncovered the true techniques of pencil portraits and that by learning these techniques in his course you will become a highly skilled pencil portrait artist too.

Christopher put everything he learned into Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery, an integrated course that teaches beginners the essential skills and techniques needed to become very good pencil portrait artists. Christopher maintains his program can be done by anyone, whether they have a background in art or not.

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Buyer Reviews

One of the first notable features of Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery was how comprehensive the course was. There are over 605 illustrations and drawings in this course, which is a great thing because learning to draw pencil portraits requires lots of visuals. There are also over 260 pages of guided instructions. Reviewers felt Christopher covered a wide range of topics, from correctly filling out the iris to a special two stroke technique that adds realism to hair.

While some reviewers loved the detailed nature of the course, others found it overwhelming. To some, it was as if Christopher tried to cram every known pencil portrait technique into his course and they had a difficult time following through on everything.

The course does not contain any videos. A few reviewers thought videos would have been a great companion to the eBook because they would be able to watch an artist create the image as they read along.

The bonus of 100 High Resolution Reference Pictures was a huge help to reviewers. It served as practice before they were confident enough to use real people.

Another great bonus was the 12 Week Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises. Some reviewers even advised anyone starting this course to begin with this part. Reviewers said it contained some vital elements that will help you develop the skills needed in the main course. Each week of the 12 week lesson plan covers a single topic and these topics correspond with the individual courses of Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery. For example, after covering weeks 1 to 6, you are directed to move to the main courses. Then after completing these courses, you revert to the 12 week lesson plan once again to do weeks 7 to 12. These final exercises serve to strengthen the foundation skill sets you have now acquired.

Some reviewers felt that Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery was incomplete. They said the course focused on the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears and hair but there were no individual courses on other parts of the face such as the chin, cheeks, forehead or neck.

Is It A Scam?

Pablo Picasso once said this: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” And many renowned artists believe this. They believe being able to create art is something everyone is born with. However, when there is no nurturing of the skill it is simply never brought to the forefront.

Anyone who can properly hold a pencil can learn to draw. But not everyone will reach the heights of Picasso. Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery is a course designed for beginners who want to learn how to draw pencil portraits and the course provides in depth information on how to do so. It certainly teaches the basic techniques but it is not a course designed to make you the best pencil portrait artist that ever existed.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 2 month money back guarantee, you must purchase Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery from the official website.

How Does It Work?

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery focuses on three core techniques. Christopher calls it the three secrets:

• You will need to master every individual facial feature.
• Small face details are very important when creating a realistic portrait and a pencil portrait artist should be very observant of these.
• You will need to train your eyes to see what others simply do not see.

Christopher promises that by focusing on and practicing these fundamentals, your pencil portrait skills will get much better by the end of Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery. Every one of the individual courses uses a step by step breakdown to show you how to construct your own masterpiece. The goal is to learn how to draw a proper outline and the correct ways to shade to add depth and texture.

What’s Included?

Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery:
• How to Draw A Realistic Eye
• How To Draw A Realistic Nose
• How To Draw A Realistic Mouth and Teeth
• How To Draw A Realistic Ear
• How To Draw Realistic Hair
• Lifetime Updates

When you buy Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery, these bonuses are also included:

• The 5 Lessons Process Maps
• 100 High Resolution Reference Pictures
• 12 Week Pencil Portrait Mastery Exercises

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