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At InfoProductReview, we never knowingly publish reviews on products or services which are a scam.

Our mission is to give our readers a balanced, impartial review with a summary of all the pros and cons which we believe to be relevant. We recognise that not all products are suitable for everyone, so we try our best to give a balanced view of which demographic they are most suited to.

However, we are aware that some of the products on the market are not only not living up to their claims but additionally making it difficult for customers to unsubscribe or receive a refund. Of course, the majority of information products we cover do come with a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee so for the most part you are completely protected.

We do not knowingly support any of these scams, and although we have a vigilant team on the look out for them, we also rely on our readers to get in touch.

How To Get In Touch

If you’ve had a bad experience with a product which you believe to be a scam, then please notify us via our contact page or via the form below. You’ll be able to submit a full review and complaint which we will publish so as to deter anyone else from getting scammed.

All we ask is that you back up your complaints, so as to help other readers understand what happened. For example if the ebook you paid for was ‘rubbish’, why was it? Was it badly written? Not backed up by citations or perhaps didn’t contain the information it promised. The more details you can give the better!

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