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The first risperdal lawsuit, which went to trial in texas in 2012, resulted in a 158 million settlement for the plaintiff, who developed male breast growth after he started taking risperdal at the age of 9, and included fines paid to the state of texas and the federal government.

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He also use to hit his head repetitively against the wall – they started him on risperdal when he was 3 years old and i put my foot down a few months back – since he has been of it his speech and interaction with us has improved drastically, his aspergers problems seems to be a bit more prominent.

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table 5 lists the treatment-emergent adverse reactions reported in 2 or more of risperdal consta -treated patients in the 24-month double-blind, placebo-controlled treatment period of the trial assessing the efficacy and safety of risperdal consta when administered as monotherapy for maintenance treatment in patients with bipolar i disorder.


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