Robb Wolf Paleo Diet Review

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What is it?

Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet is a digitally downloadable lifestyle manual with a focus on losing weight and improving health through a nutrition plan inspired by our Palaeolithic ancestors. By following a high protein, low carb anti-inflammatory diet combined with a specially prescribed exercise routine, the manual claims that those wishing to improve their health can expect to see a full transformation within 30 days. In addition to advancing physical fitness, Robb Wolf’s diet plan also claims to help to reduce the incidence and symptoms of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

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How does it work?

As a result of carefully studying the diet and lifestyle of Palaeolithic man, Robb Wolf discovered that their nutrition intake low in trans fats and refined sugars meant that their bodies were lean and muscular, whilst also free from modern diseases. The Paleo Diet outlines the lean proteins, fruits and vegetables which actively help to restore energy to our bodies through an easy to follow 4 week meal plan packed with simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition to aiding weight loss, these simple dietary changes are also scientifically proven to help:

• Clear skin
• Healthier gums and teeth
• Create more energy
• Balance insulin levels
• Improve sleep
• Reduce allergies

The Paleo Diet is not just centred upon nutrition however. The manual also includes a comprehensive workout template which can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Unlike other strict regimens, the Paleo Diet focuses upon an ‘exercise matrix’ comprised of many interchangeable, simple movements which involve cardio as well as targeted upper and lower body training. In addition to detailed picture instructions within the eBook, video demonstrations of recommended workouts are also available online.

Whilst other fad diets just focus on what you can and cannot eat, the Paleo Diet also uniquely highlights cortisol levels as one of the key components in weight maintenance. Systematic stress and poor sleeping patterns are known to elevate levels of the hormone cortisol which contributes to fat storage. By addressing this as well as nutrition and fitness, the Paleo Diet represents a holistic lifestyle change, rather than an ineffective yo-yo diet.

In addition to the 60 page digital guide, upon purchase customers are also afforded exclusive access to extensive troubleshooting and resources with links to supportive blogs, podcasts and personal testimonials.

Is it a scam?

Looking past the promotional information and the overwhelmingly positive reviews on the official websites, it is clear that many established nutritionists and health gurus are indeed fans of the regime. Independent blogs and journals point to the Paleo Diet as a safe, natural lifestyle overhaul. Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet was a New York Times bestseller and this eBook features much of the same scientific research but applies it to everyday life in an achievable way. This, combined with the acclaim received from professional athletes and coaches presents the Paleo Diet as a wholly legitimate way to get fit and healthy.

Buyer Reviews

It is clear from the genuine reviews that, if applied strictly, the Paleo Diet can help people to lose unwanted weight in just a matter of weeks. The easy-to-follow meal plans with lists of permitted and prohibited foods make it simple to stay on the right track, whilst the workout plans are suitable for both beginners and fitness fanatics. However, it is worth highlighting that this diet is not suitable for people looking for a quick-fix detox. As the advice in the manual requires a whole lifestyle change, users of the system cannot just dip into the eBook and expect optimum results.

This sentiment also applies when purchasing and cooking the foods recommended by Robb Wolf in the Paleo Diet. Most of the suggested meals are centred on lean protein and portions of raw, steamed or lightly cooked vegetables. Some commenters have found it hard to adjust to as they have previously been accustomed to eating starchy carbs and foods high in refined sugars each mealtime. Customers must be prepared to take an entirely new approach to cooking and that may mean changing the routine of the entire family. Luckily, the manual makes it easy for people to customise the nutrition plans to their own requirements, without compromising the efficacy of the diet.

Those who enjoy Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet are recommended to check out the other eBooks in the series: Paleo on a Budget and the Paleo Dining Out Guide. These are essential in harnessing cost-effective ways to enjoy the system and remaining dedicated to the diet whilst eating out at restaurants.

Where to Buy and Download

Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet is instantly downloadable in PDF format from the official website, meaning that customers are free to read the manual at their own convenience; whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase from the official website.

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