Rocket Spanish Review

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What is it?

Rocket Spanish, part of the Rocket Languages group, is an award winning online language course that claims to help you master the Spanish language.

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Buyer Reviews

Although many of the reviews online are for promotional purposes, since the foreign language market is such a big sector there are plenty of unbiased language forums with detailed discussions on the pros and cons of this program.

The main point to bear in mind when considering purchasing this program is that almost everyone on the forums was quick to point out that it’s best suited to complete beginners. Even reviewers who had never studied Spanish before but had some experience learning French or another European language said that they found the program was even too simple for them. This is because if you have already learnt a second language, you will be familiar with how a language functions, and this grammatical knowledge is often transferable when trying to master another. Some reviewers, who found the course too simplistic, quickly advanced themselves to the next two levels of the program but some still felt that the third level wasn’t challenging enough. The main complaint was that there was too much explanation in English, and some reviewers were hoping to be immersed in the Spanish language by this stage. If you’re looking to become fluent in Spanish, unless you were to supplement this course with your own private study, it seems unlikely that the course alone will allow you to become fluent in Spanish.

A big positive from the reviews was that the course is comparably cheaper to other programs on the market, such as Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur. Some reviewers chose this course solely on price, and then supplemented it with free Spanish learning tools online and their own independent study. If you’re after a more in depth or challenging program, a program like Rosetta Stone might be more appropriate but this is reflected in its price.

Finally, although the website clearly states that the program is for Latin American Spanish, some reviewers found that the target towards a US market was a negative. Complaints included annoying and patronising presenters and content and dialogue that was not geared towards people outside of the USA. Some people were also hoping for more information on the differences between European and Latin American Spanish. Fluent and native spanish speakers were quick to explain however that the main difference between the two is the accent. So if you’re determined to learn Spanish with a European accent then maybe this isn’t the course for you, but otherwise the vocabulary and grammar are almost identical. Some people have likened the difference between the two as similiar to the differences between American and English, so therefore you should have no problem communicating in Spain having learnt Spanish from a Latin American teacher and vice versa.

Is it a scam?

Rocket Spanish was the winner of the Best Educational Software Awards (Bessie) and has featured in The New York Times and the Daily News New York newspapers. The official website has live customer support, reviews (including negative ones) and even offers a 6 day free trial. The Rocket Spanish app is also available on the App Store and Android App. These credentials combined with the fact that 1,212,346 people from 196 countries have successfully learnt Spanish with his language course help to legitimise this course and dispel any concerns of it being a scam.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Rocket Spanish from the official website.

How does it work?

Rocket Spanish follows 7 strategies for success:

1. Utilising your precious time. The audio elements of the course allow you to learn Spanish on the go, whether doing the hovering, doing the commute to work or walking the dog.
2. Understand how Spanish works. In order to master a language, learning how the structure of the language works is essential. This includes elements such as word order and grammatical points.
3. Reinforced Learning. Although many people will pick up foreign words on a short term memory basis, in order to ensure these words and phrases stick with you, Rocket Spanish employs a ‘scientifically designed Testing algorithm’ which tests you on your ‘weaker’ words.
4. Speak like a native. The course includes prompts to practice your Spanish out loud. This helps to reinforce what you’ve learnt as well as practice your accent using Rocket Record, which allows you to compare your recorded voice with a native Spanish person.
5. Learning Techniques. The course includes 25 learning techniques and tips to make your learning more efficient.
6. Support Network. The course includes 24/7 lifetime online access to native speakers, Spanish teachers and other Spanish enthusiasts.
7. Motivation. The course includes features to monitor your progress and ensure you stay focused and motivated. Features include: progress tracking, rating system, badges, points and a leaderboard, phrase finder, my vocab, my notes, word master game and phrase master game.

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