Safe Mail Services Review

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What is it?

Safe Mail Services is an email marketing software system which enables owners of start-ups or small businesses to reach potential customers within minutes. As all the email campaigns are generated from the Safe Mail Services server, users need only create their personalised promotional messages before being sent out to a database of prospect recipients using an automated system. Although the advertising emails are sent in HTML format, users are free to use images, flash, sound and text formatting. Safe Mail Services is marketed as the 100% spam law compliant marketing solution as the monthly 96 million potential recipients are ‘double opt-in’.

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Buyer Reviews

As email campaigning is one of the primary means of online marketing, businesspeople on review sites and blogs have been eager to harness its potential and try out Safe Mail Services as a simple and effective approach to advertising their brand. On the whole, it is clear from the reviews that customers have been generally pleased with the underlying premise and aim of the system.
Those who have found Safe Mail Services to be their favoured means of email marketing have praised the software as the cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional postal advertising. As the system utilises a huge database of recipients who have already expressed interest in receiving email marketing, users are safe in the knowledge that their advertising practices comply with anti-spam legislation. This also guarantees that the recipients are much more likely to purchase from email campaigns, thus helping to convert targeted traffic into potential sales.

Safe Mail Services customers have commented that although there is enormous scope for personalising the email campaigns, intermediate knowledge of HTML formatting is more or less essential to successfully create messages using the service. Users are able to incorporate photos, sounds and other media into their emails using the software, but those who are new to HTML may wish to educate themselves on the basics before attempting to create their campaigns. In addition to this, reviewers have also highlighted that although the promotional material emphasises that users can get started in minutes and get their adverts out immediately, tweaking the emails before being sent out does take substantial time and effort.

As previously touched on, users have enjoyed the simplicity of the software and the huge number of recipients contained within the database. However, taking a glance at the reviews also indicates two primary criticisms of the service.

Firstly, a number of users have reported feeling disappointed with the operation of the Safe Mail Services server, commenting that it is regularly down and therefore cannot be accessed in order to send out daily emails. This issue is compounded by the fact that the user-created email templates are saved on the server, rather than on customers’ own computers. This means that whilst the server is down emails cannot be accessed at all, causing major disruption in the business operations of Safe Mail Services customers.

Secondly, although Safe Mail Services maintains that all customer enquiries are answered within 1 business day, many customers have expressed irritation that the support service is slow and questions are often not answered at all. This has been of particular concern to those who are new to email marketing and need extra help in setting up their campaigns.

Where to buy and download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Safe Mail Services from the official website.

How does it work?

After users purchase their one-off membership fee, they are entitled to unlimited access to the members’ only area and can then start to create email campaigns.

• Emails can be personalised using HTML
• Campaigns are saved to the Safe Mail Services server
• One campaign can be sent every 24 hours
• The character limit is 55,000 characters which amounts to 20 pages of text
• Emails are released directly by the Safe Mail Services server and therefore cannot be traced by users’ ISPs
• Safe Mail Services ensures 3.1 targeted recipients each day
• Customer support endeavours to answer enquiries within 1 business day

More about email marketing

Since the advent of the internet, business owners have now been able to market their brands and products to millions of prospective consumers. In April 2014, Madison Logic posted global data reporting that 122 billion emails are sent every hour on average. This highlights the massive potential for advertising generated by the internet and the need to use effective software in reaching new client bases.

However, the systematic use of spam mail has also coincided with the rise of email as a communication tool. This has led to the development of spam filtering solutions and anti-spam laws, therefore email marketing has had to adapt in order to still remain effective and compliant. Although half of American internet users check or send emails each day, legitimate emails only have a delivery rate of 56% as 20% were outright rejected and 8% were filtered using spam software according to the Return Path Report 2008. This highlights the need for genuine email marketing solutions.

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