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What is it?

Save The Marriage is a program created by Lee Baucom, a qualified marriage counsellor, who has over two decades worth of experience helping couples save their marriage.

Baucom claims in his introduction to the system that 50% of couples who have marriage counselling end up divorcing and only 10-15% of couples actually think that the counselling helped them. Whilst he was working as a marriage counsellor he started to experiment with new techniques in order to try and improve the percentage of saved marriages.

This downloadable ebook is therefore his finalised guide on how he believes you can save your marriage. So far 72,560 couples have used the material and the current success rate of people who have saved their marriage is 83.5%.

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Who is it for?

According to Baucom, this guide is for the following people:

• Those in a marriage rocked by an affair
• Those in a marriage where a spouse has already left
• Those in a marriage plagued by anger and resentment
• Those in a marriage where there seems to be no hope

This guide is not for:

• Those in an abusive marriage. Baucom does not advocate saving abusive relationships and strongly urges anyone in this situation to concentrate on making sure they are safe and seeking help in order to do so
• Those who are not willing to put in the effort to follow the guide and implement change

How it works?

Baucom belives that even if you’ve had an affair, it’s not your fault that your marriage needs saving. He emphasises the point that people spend their whole lives being a ME, only to get married and realise they don’t know how to become a WE. Although it’s crucial to maintain the ME side of the relationship, the whole point of a marriage is that you become part of a team. This guide therefore aims to help you become a WE and thus divorce and affair proof the marriage.

It’s also important to note that Baucom is realistic when it comes to marriage problems, and emphasises that part of becoming this connected WE will ensure you can overcome future problems together and recover.

Baucom also explains that in order to see results, you must follow the three C’s and be Calm, Consistent and Constant.

What’s inside?

The guide includes five modules:

1. Top 5 Things NOT To Do. These are destructive actions which you should avoid at all costs.
2. Quick-Start Guide To Saving Your Marriage. This module will help you assess your marriage situation and work out where to begin. There are 8 stages in solving a marriage crisis in total, and each stage takes a different approach.
3. Save The Marriage. This core module will help you find out what went wrong, how to fix it and most importantly how to prevent it from happening again.
4. Dealing With Anger and Resentment. Whether it’s you or your partner with these issues, this module will look at how you can handle it.
5. Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage. The final module looks at some of the most difficult marriage situations, complemented with tips and tricks without any manipulation techniques.


You’ll also receive three bonuses when you buy off the official website:

1. Change of Heart ebook by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault. An account of how they saved their marriage.
2. Recovering From An Affair audio. Although affairs can destroy a marriage, they can also be the catalyst for real change. This audio aims to understand why it happened and what to do in the aftermath.
3. Coping With A Midlife Marriage Crisis audio.

Is it a scam?

It’s difficult to find any evidence to support Baucom’s claim that the guide has a 83.5% success rate, or when this figure was taken. Ultimately, the claims of this guide may be a little overemphasised, and depending on your own marriage situation the book may be of little use. However, it is true to say that some reviewers have commented on the forums and independent blogs that they found the guidance in the book useful. It seems that those with the most success were couples who were both keen to make the marriage work. People whose partner had already left the marital home for some time found that the book was of relatively little use.

Buyer Reviews

• It’s a cheaper alternative to marriage counselling and divorce, so for those it has helped it’s been priceless.
• The guide covers a wide range of marriage problems and although a little technical in places, theories and concepts are backed up well with examples.
• Compared to other marriage guides on the market, the majority of reviewers did like this ebook and it’s simple approach.

• This ebook hasn’t been updated for a while now. This is the biggest criticism as it could do with a bit of modernisation. However, ultimately the guidance inside is evergreen.
• Some reviewers felt they would like to be told more what to do. Although the ebook contains lots of information, it really is a tool to be adapted to your personal situation. If you’re looking for clear cut steps to follow without working out what needs doing, this might not be for you.

Where to Buy and Download?

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must visit the official website.

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