Scotts 2000-20 Review

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The Scotts 2000-20 push reel lawn mower features a 20-Inch wide cutting platform, is lightweight and easily maneuverable. The above average width of the deck means fewer passes to complete a lawn, saving time and energy.

The innovative wheel design of the 2000-20 increases ease of pushing the mower over uneven terrains; the primary wheels at the front are 10 inches, while the tracking wheels at the rear are 6 inches, removing any potential drag.

The reel is fitted with 5 steel blades, which are heat-treated to increase lifetime. The blades are efficient and accurate, resulting in a neat finish, in very little time. The mulching effect they create offers the lawn a natural fertilizer, by returning the vital nutrients back into the earth. There are a wide range of grass heights available, adjustable with an easy quick-snap dial, which remains firmly in place whilst the mower is running (there are 9 heights, between 1 to 3 inches).

Buyer Reviews

Like all reel mowers, the eco-friendly and keep fit aspect of owning the 2000-20 are obvious… No fumes, no stray rocks, no noise… Overall much safer, and easier on your ears and the environment. On the negative side, you are the fuel, so owners of larger more intensive lawns take note! If your lawn is larger than 0.5-1 acreage you may wish to look outside of the reel range.

Assembly out of the box is extremely straightforward and should take you no longer than half an hour… Getting the handle on can be a little tricky, you may want to use a lubricant (washing up liquid will be fine) to speed up the process.

Setting the mower up is easy, you’ll find the height adjustment behind the wheels. The mower gives a comfortable, clean and smooth cut.

Disadvantages according to users include; the need for more effort and strength when the grass is dense or when on hilly terrain. Also that weeds and tall grass will not easily be cut; the blades cannot deal with anything over 6-8 inches. Small twigs and sticks, when they get stuck within the blades, have to be removed by hand before the mower can continue to cut. Some have also noted that the reel mower cannot get close enough to the edges as users would like, so they require a separate trimmer for tight boundaries.

Overall, an eco-friendly and safe choice for smaller yards.

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