Shape Shifter Yoga Review

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What Is It?

Yoga is the ancient discipline that includes the practice of meditation, breath control and specific body postures to promote health, overall wellbeing, relaxation and body strength. In recent years, yoga has exploded in the West and is now one of the most popular forms of exercise. There are many benefits to practicing yoga. Some of these are: reduced anxiety and stress, reduced aches and pains, a better sleep pattern, weight loss and a toned body.

Kris Fondran, who has over 12 years of Yoga training, developed Shape Shifter Yoga because she believed many people were not aware of the health and weight loss benefits of Yoga. Kris states that she has watched people try to lose weight and never succeed because they could not keep up with traditional exercises. Shape Shifter Yoga offers a fun, easy and relaxing way to exercise and Kris promises that you won’t even notice it’s exercise and soon enough the pounds will drop off. Shape Shifter was specially designed for people who want to lose stubborn belly fat, shed extra pounds, firm and tone their body, and become confident and energised.

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Buyer Reviews

Yoga is a low intensity exercise so it does not require any impact on your joints. Some reviewers found it difficult to do traditional exercises because they had problems with their joints and back. Shape Shifter Yoga made it possible for them to exercise and never have to worry about jumping and hurting a joint. These same reviewers reported less aches and pains after doing weeks of Shape Shifter Yoga. A scientific study reported in the Spine Magazine supported these claims. The study stated that people suffering from back and joint pains had fewer aches to none at all after two 90 minute classes per week of yoga after several weeks.

Many reviewers claimed they slept much better after they had started Shape Shifter Yoga. Researchers have speculated that this is a result of the relaxation poses and breathing techniques learnt in Yoga.

Despite Kris claims that Yoga is fun and simple, many reviewers had problems holding the poses for long periods. Reviewers said it required balance and strength that they did not have. However, most said that after a few weeks they become stronger and better and could now hold the poses for longer.

Besides holding a pose, another problem was forming the pose. Kris starts with basic Yoga poses and moves onto advanced poses. So the program does allow you time to build your strength and stamina. However, there were some poses that reviewers were still not able to do because they were just too difficult and require flexibility that they have not yet attained.

Some reviewers were sceptical at the weight loss claims made by Kris. By what they knew, Yoga was a mostly stationary exercise and they could not understand how they would be burning that many calories. These same reviewers were very surprised when they sweated buckets after one session! They quickly learned that the poses may require you to be still but you are using your muscles, and thus burning quite a few calories.

Kris explains that in Yoga, you are in fact lifting and using your body weight in the poses. And thus, are effectively toning all muscles. After Shape Shifter Yoga, reviewers said they were more toned, especially in their legs and arms. Some said they looked better now than when they were younger.

Reviewers also noticed a change in their eating habits. And most said it happened gradually as they continued Shape Shifter Yoga. Some reported their sugar cravings had decreased. Others said they no longer felt the urge to binge eat. While others reported consciously making healthier diet choices.

A sense of overall well being was reported in some form or another by the reviewers who had completed Shape Shifter Yoga. This part is owed to the meditation and breathing aspects of Yoga. Kris explains that you become more connected to your body once again and this makes you happier and more relaxed.

There is one major component missing in Shape Shifter Yoga. Kris claims that weight loss and well being is very possible with Shape shifter Yoga without the need for calorie counting and diets. Some reviewers disagree. Weight loss is always achieved through exercise and diet control. This does not mean starvation or deprivation but you do have to watch what you eat and how much you eat. This program could have benefited from a nutrition guide.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Shape Shifter Yoga from the official website.

What’s Included?

Shape Shifter Yoga has 6 components:

• Quick Start Guide
• Pose Video Library
• Program Video
• Everyday Flow Follow Along Video
• Yoga Pose Manual
• At A Glance Wall Charts

Your purchase also includes 4 free gifts:

• Follow Along Audio Files
• Breath Awareness Meditation Audio
• Body Awareness “Absolute Stillness” Audio
• Yoga Nidra Guided Mediation Audio

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