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What is it?

Singorama is an online singing course aimed at beginner and intermediate singers who wish to improve their vocal range, tone, pitch and overall performance. The official website claims that those who follow this course will be able to dramatically improve their singing.

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Buyer Reviews

Most people chose to purchase Singorama as an alternative to private and expensive private singing lessons. Unfortunately there is no substitute for one on one tuition, and anyone considering purchasing this online course must be willing to put in the necessary practice to realise their desired results. Some people on the forums were quick to point out that although Singorma is an affordable option, there are also a number of free videos available online. Some people used this to supplement the Singorama course, whilst others simply stuck with those. You will have to decide what level of support you require in order to meet your goals, with the free videos offering the least and the private tuition offering the most. Singorama is therefore a happy medium between the two.

The crowd was divided when it came to the course content. There’s no denying that you certainly get your moneys worth in terms of quantity, but whilst some people saw this as a benefit, others felt overwhelmed by the amount of reading content and audios. It is therefore advised that you go at your own pace and set realistic goals of how frequently you can practice and advance through the course. As with most practical skills, practice really does make perfect and those who were able to practice regularly for around 30 minutes a day seem to have got the quickest results.

Since Singorama is an online course, users were able to be flexible with how and when they used it. Whilst this was a benefit, a big drawback from this course is that the audio clips cannot be converted into MP3 or CD format. This meant that those who were hoping to listen to the course in the car or on the go were left disappointed.

Is it a scam?

We’re all familiar with bad singers, whether it’s your mum in the shower or the sound of your own voice, but what makes the difference between a good and bad singer? According to research, there are three areas that determine a singing voice: pitch accuracy, ability to keep in time and note memory (remembering the words and note length). For the majority of people it’s the first hurdle that we fall at and contrary to belief it is rarely our vocal chords that are to blame. Scientific research has revealed that although the ear can identify the correct pitch, the error is created by the brain sending the wrong instruction, so although we can hear we are singing the wrong note we still cannot achieve the right output during the journey from brain to voice. It can therefore be concluded that for some people, whilst they may marginally improve their singing voice, no amount of practice will enable them to belt out a song like Whitney Houston.

Whatever your level of singing, you can always improve with practice, but equally there will be a different ceiling for everyone with regards to the level you will reach. Singorama is a thorough course, and if you’re serious about improving your voice, it’s probable you will realise some success with it through perseverance and practice. However, you should be realistic about your current level and not expect miracles!

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Singorama from the official website.

How does it work?

The online course is made up of 28 Audio Lessons:

Part 1: Getting Started as a Singer: breathing,warming up, understanding your own voice.
Part 2: Singorama Vocal Technique: avoiding bad habits, tone, pitch and how to increase your range.
Part 3: Music Theory Essentials: time signatures, key signatures, major and minor keys.
Part 4: Singing Styles: styles and genres.
Part 5: Dissecting a Song: looking at the lyrics and tone alongside the emotion and personality of a song. This lays the foundation to write your own music.
Part 6: Moving You Forward as a Singer: song writing, auditions and performance.

The course is supplemented with a PDF written Singorama companion including sections on how to read music. The first section of the ebook is focused on beginners whilst the latter half is aimed at intermediate singers. Throughout the book there are links to the audio files, so you easily switch between the two as and when.

In order to ensure you improve your voice, the course includes two types of software:

Mini Recording Studio
Perfect Pitch Software

Budding singers can use this software to listen to themselves critically, and compare recordings with earlier ones as the course goes on.

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