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What is it?

Yan Muckle’s SleepTracks Sleep Optimisation Programme is a comprehensive combination of audio and multimedia resources which aims to tackle insomnia by restoring the body’s natural sleep cycle. SleepTracks is founded on the principle that in order to maintain good sleeping habits sustainably, the body must be overhauled naturally using brain entrainment, healthy lifestyle habits and confidence boosting techniques. The programme is founded on three distinct principles: brainwave reboot, confidence reboot and habit reboot, each combining cutting-edge brain technology and psychological suggestions which can be integrated into busy, modern lives. Former insomnia sufferer and programme creator Yan Muckle promises users that by following the system both day and night, anxiety can be reduced and sleep cycles restored within a matter of weeks.

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Buyer Reviews

According to a National Sleep Foundation poll in 2002, 58% of American adults reported suffering from symptoms of insomnia more than one night per week. Given the prevalence of the affliction, it is not surprising that many sufferers have come together on blogs and medical forums in order to discuss finding the most effective cure.

Those who have purchased and used SleepTracks regularly felt satisfied with the results they experienced, but did nonetheless emphasise that the programme is not an instant miracle cure. The majority of users stated that it took several weeks before the programme started to make a positive impact on their sleeping patterns. Therefore, potential customers who are accustomed to using sleeping pills or herbal supplements need to be aware that the benefits of SleepTracks cannot be as immediately obtained. Although some insomniacs have felt frustrated by the time it takes to initiate change, fans of the programme have advised others to be patient and remain dedicated.

Many people who have routinely treated their insomnia or sleeping difficulties with sleeping pills have expressed gratitude that the programme does not involve substances which could result in side effects or dependency. Some of these sufferers highlighted the fact that they almost became addicted to sleeping pills in their battle against insomnia, as they falsely believed that medication was the only way in which to combat dysfunctional sleep patterns. As the programme details only holistic methods, there is no risk associated with the treatment, a fact which has pleased advocates of healthy living.

On the whole, SleepTracks users have enjoyed the fact that the programme includes audio tracks for the entire day, not just before bedtime. Whilst some competitors provide audio tracks just to lull listeners into sleep, this programme contains tracks to listen to during the night, as well as during the day. Some listeners have found it difficult to incorporate the programme into their busy working days, but the majority have appreciated this total, all-inclusive approach to sleep and health.

The main criticism listeners had of the audio content was that, at times, it was too lengthy. Those who worked 9-5 jobs or cared for young children especially found it hard to listen to 40-60 minute audio tracks on their breaks as required by the programme. Although some have really enjoyed the thorough approach to combating their insomnia, it has not been practical for others.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Sleep Tracks from the official website.

What’s included?

Upon purchasing SleepTracks Sleep Optimisation Programme membership, customers are entitled to unlimited access to the Members’ Only area of the official site. From there, it is easy to download the audio tracks and multimedia resources which make up the programme to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

SleepTracks adheres to 3 key philosophies:

1. Brainwave Reboot: Helps to reset the brain’s capacity to generate its own sleep-inducing brainwaves
2. Confidence Reboot: Removes anxiety and the fear associated with insomnia
3. Habit Reboot: Helps to change engrained habits which damage health

These principles are honoured in SleepTracks’ 7 separate components, each of which place health first before starting to modify brainwaves, mind-sets and lifestyle habits.

1. Insomnia Buster: Reboots the brain before bedtime over the course of a few weeks, specifically stimulating the sensory motor rhythm (SMR) brainwave.
2. Fall Asleep: Guides listeners from an awakened state to deep sleep.
3. Whole Night: Designed to play on a loop to sustain sleep.
4. Anxiety Ease: To be listened to during the day whenever anxiety and stress builds up.
5. Power Nap: Helps to extend and sustain energy by napping for 20 minutes each day.
6. Fast Start Guide: A basic document which highlights the best practices and tips to restore sleep and get the best out of the programme.
7. Optimal Sleep Course: A multimedia course which identifies obstacles in the way of good sleep practices and how to overcome them.

More about Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep affliction characterised by difficulty in falling asleep and waking up during the night or early in the morning. According to the NHS, one third of people in the UK will experience episodes of insomnia and it is 40% more common in women than in men. Although there are many distinct causes, stress and anxiety are the most prevalent.

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