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Socrates WordPress Theme, created by successful internet marketers, Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm, is a high quality template used in over 50,000 WordPress sites. Due to its low cost but great customisable features, it is a very popular theme for personal and commercial sites.

The theme has gone through many versions, each bettering the product and solidifying its status as the go to WordPress theme for both new and experienced bloggers and marketers. Click here to check for current promotional offers and qualify for your 7 day free trial.

How Much Does It Cost?

Socrates WordPress Theme has 3 License options (for onetime payments):

1. Single Use On 1 Personal Domain – $27
2. Unlimited Use On Unlimited Domains – $47
3. Developer Use – $197

What Do You Get?

With your purchase:

• You are able to create a WordPress blog that is search engine optimised and includes a Built-In Ad Manager and Social Media Slider.
• You can monetise the blog with Adsense and Clickbank.
• You gain access to the support forum, WordPress tutorial and other helpful resources.
• You get to choose from several custom page templates and over 220 niche headers.

Customisable Features:

• Blog header options – over 150 pre-set choices or you can create a customised one.
• Navigation menu options – flexible placement selections.
• Sidebar options – change sidebar positions quickly and easily.
• Header tracking code – simply copy and paste the code and you’re done.
• Rotating banner ads – rotate up to 3 ads.
• Social media buttons – uncomplicated method of linking your social media platforms to your site.
• Footer widgets – to promote affiliate products.
• Choice of colour schemes, whether pre-set or unique – unrestricted creativity and brand cohesiveness.
• Many page options – includes adding squeeze and skinny sales pages.

What Are People Saying About It?

WordPress has become the unofficial online residence for anyone who is serious about their online presence. The site offers free themes to get you started but for those familiar with these free themes, you quickly notice that they’re woefully inadequate. Socrates WordPress Theme provides the balance with great features, speed and good value for money.

Unlike other paid themes, Socrates Wordpres Theme has no steep learning curve. It’s quite easy to install, customise and use. Users of other paid themes have actually had to outsource the installation and customisation, which meant that more money was spent.

Persons with established blogs loved how easy it was to transfer their WordPress sites to Socrates WordPress Themes. For one user, two sites took a total of fifteen minutes with minimal disruption. Anyone running an online business knows that time spent offline is money lost.

Designed and developed with internet marketers in mind, Socarates WordPress Theme is highly customisable, with quick changes at the click of the mouse. Extensive knowledge of coding is not needed. The theme was made to be simple, with most functions utilising copy and paste.

Monetising the blog is also a basic process and extremely convenient with the inclusion of Adsense and Clickbank, two of internet marketers’ biggest income markets. And these can be added without plug-ins and difficult coding.

Users used the forum quite often. It is a buzzing place of ideas, advice and conversations on new trends and markets. The support was also speedy and excellent; users said most of their questions were answered promptly by the developers.

Socrates WordPress Theme is not compatible with all plug-ins. Therefore, it is more than likely you’ll experience some problems along these lines. When reviewers encountered such, they contacted the developers via the support services and in many cases, though not all, the developers rectified the problems.

Some reviewers felt that Socrates was a very good option for creating monetised niche sites, but it lacked a highly developed framework for a much powerful site. So if the former is your aim, then Socrates is a great choice.

Besides having a refund policy, the developers of Socrates WordPress Theme offer a free 7 day trial period. No credit card is required and you have unlimited access to use the site and consider it features, whether it will suit your needs or not. Users loved this no strings attached trial, and many chose to stay with the product after it ran out.

The Socrates Theme only works on paid hosting WordPress sites; it does not work on sites. Yes, buying a domain will cost extra but there are many affordable and reputable domain buying sites. Furthermore, if you’re serious about your online business, it is always best to be the owner of you own domain to secure your content and your brand, and convey a professional and credible image.

Overall, Socrates WordPress Theme proves to be a solid product. No headaches are involved when altering any aspect of this theme, it is search engine friendly and it handles traffic really well.

Where To Buy And Download

In order to qualify for the 7 day free trial, bonus material, and money back guarantee you must purchase Socrates WordPress Theme from its official website.

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