Solar 2 Go spk-a105 5 Power Kit Review

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About this kit…┬áThe SPK-A105 5-Watt Portable Power Kit from Solar 2 Go is an efficient and affordable means of producing clean energy and reducing one’s carbon footprint. It is convenient and flexible, providing energy where and when you need it. The portable power kit is suitable for a large variety of uses, including camping, hunting, fishing, boats and yachts, caravans and outdoor lighting. It is also useful in emergency situations such as a black-out or for medical equipment.

Smaller appliances that can be charged by the kit include laptops, cell phones, radios and trickle chargers. The assembly and installation is very quick and simple, and in the long term there is very little maintenance required to keep the system working.

Included in the kit are all the accessories required to produce an efficient energy supply; a solar panel, stand, 300-watt inverter, charge controller, 12-volt battery, 12-volt LED light strip, and storage bag.

Buyer Reviews

Of the buyers surveyed, all were happy with overall performance and would recommend purchase. Stand out features and details include; the LED light strip, the ease of installation and limited measures.

Users suggest that this kit is perfect for beginners who are just starting to consider solar energy as an alternative to the grid; it is a simple-to-use kit and great for growing your understanding. Follow the Amazon link to the right to check and compare prices today.

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