Solar Heater Guides Review

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What’s included?

The package by Damon Flowers offers to show you how to use the power of the sun to provide you with free energy, thereby helping you to reduce your energy bills. Purchasing the product will give you a downloadable ebook on the solar heat guide with two additional guides on how to build a solar window heater and a solar wall heater. In addition, you will receive bonus materials on how to find parts cheaply, plus an energy audit starter kit and access to an online video library. The package is available for a one-off payment.

Buyer Survey

Buyers reviewed were very positive about the product. People found that they could make the solar air heater from materials that were reasonably easy to locate. They either had them lying around the house or they were able to get them from their local hardware store.

Solar air heating has been around for a while and works by capturing energy from the sun in a solar collector and using this to heat surrounding air. The warm air is then transported into your home. This technique of generating heat is currently being used at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Once you’ve installed the heater you should have to spend reasonably little time maintaining it and the guide promises a lifetime of over 20 years, which would mean a great long-term benefit. Not only is solar air heating a good way of heating your home, it will also dry out dampness or humidity, leading to a much healthier living environment.

One thing to bear in mind is that solar air heaters need access to the sun, so a south facing wall or window is ideal. Also the heaters will warm up the room next to where the heater is stored but not necessarily the whole house. As a tip, when you’re installing the heater, using a fan can really help to spread the incoming warm air around so that you get the full benefit of the extra heat.

This product should be viewed as an addition to your current heating system. Although you probably won’t be able to replace your existing system, a solar air heating system can act as an additional source of energy and should help you to reduce your bills.


This product is suitable for anyone whose home has access to sunshine and is interested in reducing their heating bill. Realistically, one could review and test most of the material within the 60-day money-back window, so the downside really is limited:

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