Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heating System

A typical home water heating system

It is often thought that harnessing solar energy is a very modern, recent activity. In fact though, the history of at least one kind of solar energy use, that is, solar water heating, goes back over a hundred years or more…

Heating water via solar energy is technologically very simple, the engineering involved is not very  complex, and anyone who has ever left some water outside in a container made of metal or glass will quickly grasp the principles involved. No surprise then, that it is  something which occurred to people even before our modern technological era.


DIY Solar Water Heater

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Skipping forward to present times – a modern solar water heating system usually consists of the following set-up: a solar panel (or panel array), which is angled to the sun (generally on a south facing roof) through which water is allowed to pass; this heats up on its way through to the hot water tank, and so becomes the user’s hot water supply. Most often, there are very few moving parts.

Of course, it is one thing to say that the principles involved in something are very simple, quite another to do the testing and engineering calculations necessary to make sure a system gives optimum performance, and therefore maximum benefit in relation to the costs involved.

One way of keeping these costs to a minimum is to construct the system yourself, using a design which has been tried and tested, and devised specifically to be easy to put into practice – one such system is the program offered by

Manufactured solar hot water systems have acquired something of a poor reputation in recent times, mostly because of the rather over-optimistic claims of the manufacturers which are often made in order to justify the high price tag.

As is clearly stated by, it is unlikely that a solar hot water system of this type will supply all of the hot water you need. On the other hand, it will almost certainly supply enough to represent a very significant saving.

All this is openly and straightforwardly outlined in the above guide, and if you are ‘doing it yourself’ then, of course, all the decisions with regard to scale, siting and so on, are entirely under your control.

Additionally, if you decide to use the plans specified above, you can in fact claim your money back if the system is not performing to your satisfaction within 60 days of purchase. You can learn more about the program by visiting this link.

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