Sold Out After Crisis Review

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What is it… ‘Sold Out After Crisis’ is the brainchild of Damian Campbell, a publisher and survival expert, who has put together a series of survival guides to help people get prepared for times of crisis. Click here to check for ongoing promotional offers related to this product. 

What’s included?

1) The 37 food items guide (Included but not limited to):
• The top three crucial items you should buy at the very least
• Information on how to store the food
• Where to buy the items for the best price
• How to sense when food riots and shortages will happen
• Where to buy last minute items
• How to secure your provisions
• The name of an ancient seed which has multiple uses for survival

2) The Water Purification Quick Start Guide (Included but not limited to):
• How to get clean water from a drum without power
• How to set up a water purification system within a couple of hours
• How to source most materials for free

3) The Survival Garden Plans (Included but not limited to):
• A walk through guide how to set up your garden
• How to grow enough food to feed your family and have leftovers for your neighbours
• Campbell promises this is the perfect guide for those short of time
• Whilst food stockpiling provides a short term solution, planning a sustainable source of food is crucial for long term survival

4) The Survival Food Stockpiling & Storage Guide (Included but not limited to):
• How to calculate food quantities required for your family
• How to store food so it stays edible and fresh
• Which packaging to choose/buy for food longevity

5) The Off the Grid Survival Power Plans (Included but not limited to):
• How to avoid paying for an expensive backup
• How to generate free power from the sun

Are these guides necessary?

Campbell argues that there are ‘five unstoppable triggers’ which threaten the global population, with specific reference to residents of the USA.

These five triggers are:

1) Terror threats
2) Nuclear war (with specific reference to threats from North Korea)
3) Civil unrest due to government control
4) The sun damaging the electrical grid
5) Natural disasters such as fires, droughts and hurricanes

Campbell stresses that the most dangerous threat is if two or more of these triggers align because on average, supermarkets only hold 3-4 days worth of food at any one time. If people are not prepared, it’s unlikely that crucial items will still be available in the shops. He mentions the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, in which people were forced to rummage through bins for food and how after hurricane Katrina, residents turned to crime in order to steal essential items for survival.

Some people may find Campbell’s ‘unstoppable triggers’ list a bit too over the top and even scare mongering. However, for some people the threat of civil unrest or natural disaster, for example, is greater and stockpiling a few essential items is a small precaution to take when it may end up saving your life.

Campbell is not raising awareness of these crises, his aim is to help people prepare for them better. He argues that many people are already starting to stockpile food, water and batteries but he believes that many are spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the wrong things. Campbell has created a list of what he believes to be the 37 essential items to have for a time of crisis and 220,000 people now also have this list thanks to his guide.

Buyer Reviews

On the whole, the general consensus from buyers is that Sold Out After Crisis is one of the best survival guides on the market at present. People felt that the main guide, and bonuses, were easy to follow with step by step instructions for the DIY projects. Campbell was also praised for his extensive research and examples throughout the guides which readers felt help them get into the survival mode and prepare properly.

The main focus of this product is on food, and although people found the guides on water purification and energy useful, many felt that more depth was needed in these areas. Some buyers thought it was strange that despite so much emphasis on food, easy recipes during times of crisis were absent, however others argued that the food on the list is deliberately for fuel and survival as opposed to recipe ideas. As a whole, the foods listed by Campbell were perceived to be practical for storage and nutrition.

Although users found the guides easy to follow, many commented that they could be better organized. Some suggested a check list for the wall would be helpful in planning stockpiling and survival provisions.

Some reviewers commented that they had shared some of the tips with their friends and family, particularly the information on food storage and which items to stockpile. In these incidents, they really felt that they’d got their money worth as they were able to relax more knowing that their loved ones were also preparing.

Is it a scam?

This product pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s a series of survival guides aimed at helping you prepare in the best way you can if you found yourself in a time of crisis. Campbell offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so there really is little risk if you buy it and aren’t happy with the information.

Do you really need to buy this information? Well yes and no. Of course there is loads of free information online about how to prepare for times of crisis, and there are plenty of lists from various people with their essential food items. If you’re prepared to do your research you can probably put together a good survival plan, but unless you have some previous knowledge in this area, it’s unlikely you’ll manage to do a completely thorough job. Free information online is great, but it’s not necessarily completely reliable. Sold Out After Crisis is a reliable and organized option. Yes it costs, but it will save you time doing your own research and you can guarantee you won’t miss anything either.

If you still can’t make up your mind, give the guide a go and if you’re not satisfied, simply get a full refund via the 60 day money back guarantee – please note that you must visit the official website to qualify for this guarantee. 

Where to buy and download?

Sold Out After Crisis can be bought from the official website. The guides are downloadable ebooks so you’ll have access to the all the information immediately.

Do you have any questions about this product? Or perhaps you’ve read it and would like to share your experience of it? Join the discussion and post in the comments below.

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