Sportsman GEN4000LP Review

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The Sportsman GEN4000LP portable generator offers a steady 4,000 maximum watt power supply (3250 watt running watt) for common household appliances and power tools at the jobsite. With a run time of 10 hours at 50 percent load per 20-pounds of LPG fuel from a standard gas grill style LPG tank. The GEN4000LP features a 4 stroke OHV (overhead valve) recoil start engine and also is equipped with AVR automatic voltage regulation, low oil shut off, spark arrestor and engine shut off switch on a full power panel. The two 120 volt outlets and one 12 volt DC outlet (for battery charging) are overload protection. The unit also emits minimal noise (less than 68 decibels) and the fact it is fuelled by propane means a carbon monoxide emission of just 40% compared to gas powered generators.

Satisfied Sportsman GEN4000LP customers have been impressed with the ease in which the unit has supplied multiple household appliances during power shortages or extreme weather conditions. Other users have preferred to use the unit at the jobsite to run various power tools simultaneously with ease. Those with little prior knowledge or experience of generators have also been impressed by the simplicity of assemblage, the instruction manual and maintenance recommendations. Users have also commented upon how they prefer the fact that the unit is run from propane as opposed to gas because the fuel does not degrade and can therefore be stored indefinitely.

Some criticisms of the unit have included the fact that the choke lever is only made from plastic so is therefore very fragile causing the user to be careful when toggling between choke and run. Other users have also commented that the materials used in the frame and some of the components are of poor quality so that the overall frame is not as durable or solid as desired. Another apparent design fault is the fact that the oil filler opening is placed very low and tucked in a difficult position under the power panel. Users have recommended using a funnel with a narrow tube of at least 6-8 inches in order to avoid spillages and fill up with ease.

Overall, customers have been generally satisfied with the performance of the Sportsman GEN4000LP portable generator for the reasonable price and power output of the unit. Although, some users feel let down by the quality control and construction of the generator which would otherwise lead to a positive perception.

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