Sportsman GEN7000LP Review

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The Sportsman GEN7000LP propane powered portable generator is capable of sustaining a maximum output of 4000 surge watts to power domestic appliances and power tools. The unit features four 120 volt outlets, a 120/240 volt outlet, and a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging. The generator can be started using a standard recoil start or by fitting a motorcycle battery to activate the electric start up. The GEN7000LP is powered by a 13HP 4-stroke OHV (overhead valve) engine featuring automatic low oil shutdown and an automatic voltage regulator. Capable of running for 8 hours at a 50% load from a common 20lb gas grill type LPG cylinder (cylinder not included). Additionally, because the unit is powered by propane instead of gas it means 20-40% lower carbon monoxide emissions and as propane does not degrade the fuel can be stored indefinitely.

Satisfied Sportsman GEN700LP customers have been impressed by the unit’s ability to supply multiple domestic appliances simultaneously such as TV’s, security systems and fridge freezers during power shortages and extreme weather conditions. Users have also preferred the propane fuel system as opposed to the typical gas powered unit due to the fact propane lasts longer so can therefore be stored for long periods of time to suit use as and when it is needed. Users have also commented that propane is more advantageous because during extreme weather conditions there are often gas shortages in favour of the more common gas powered generators as fuel is in high demand.

Criticisms of the GEN7000LP unit have included comments that the instruction manual is not specific or detailed enough for quick and efficient assemblage or start-up. This has meant that some customers with little prior knowledge of generators have had difficulty setting up the unit and getting an understanding of the maintenance required. Other comments have included that the unit is very loud whilst running, however it seems it is not any louder than any other similar competitor units on the market today.

On the whole, customers have received the Sportsman GEN7000LP portable generator very positively, mostly due to the general consistency of the performance and the versatility of the propane fuel system. Most users have been satisfied with the portability of the wheel kit supplied with the unit but have made some suggestions to replace the wheels with airless tires to prevent air leakages due to the weight of the heavy duty components.

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