Sunforce 37126 Review

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About this kit…┬áThe energy produced from the two 130-Watt crystalline solar panels reaches 260 watts, and is suitable for 12-volt battery charging. The panels do this by converting the light from the sun into an electric current; they do not store the energy, instead they are used for recharging and maintaining battery power.

The kit is ideal for use in remote locations where there is no easily accessible electrical power outlets. The durable panels, built with aluminium frames, are designed to be fully weatherproof, to increase their lifetime and ensuring they make a good investment.

Other design features include the ability to connect multiple kits should you wish more power, space permitting of course.

The kit includes all that you will need to product your own energy; a 30-Amp digital charger controller, a 200-Watt inverter, wiring and voltage tester. It is suitable for use in cabins, recreational vehicles, boats, and for back-up and remote power use. The panels are fitted with a bypass diode, which helpfully reduces the risk of power dropping when there is shade or cloud.

Assembly is straightforward and the kit requires minimal maintenance in the long term.

Buyer Reviews

Buyers noted how well built the panels are and the performance they give. It proves to be a straightforward and effective alternative to using the grid. The LED voltage meter is useful to find out how much energy is being produced at any given time, however customers warn that this accessory is not exactly as advertised. This is a good kit for those wanting to learn and understand more about solar energy, and is convenient to have the option for adding more panels if you require and are happy with the results.

On the negative side – the operation manual for the charge controller is fairly complicated, we recommend a thorough read before assembly. Likewise, some buyers surveyed also noted difficulty with the instruction for the frame assembly/mounting, with a few having to seek advice elsewhere online as opposed to the manual.

Overall, the kit is convenient for producing renewable energy at home, helping save on your monthly utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. We scored the product four out of a possible five stars.

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