Sunforce 50022 Review

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About this kit… The 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger from Sunforce produces up to 5 watts of energy, which can be used for charging and upholding 12-volt batteries, to inhibit the natural voltage drain of the batteries over time.

It is suitable for powering household and other items such as tractors, automobiles, electric fences, boat batteries. The compact, amorphous panel measures 15 x 12.5 inches, and is weather-resistant in a variety of adverse conditions. While being most effective in sunlight hours, the panel also works in cloudy and shady environments.

Made from sturdy ABS plastic, the panel is durable and will prove an economic investment for the future. There are four holes, previously cut into the plastic to make assembly straightforward and quick. Four stainless steel screws fit into the holes to secure the panel onto the roof.

Also included in the kit are a 9.5 foot wire, 12-volt DC plug, battery clamps and Quick Connect technology. There are a number of connection possibilities available from the alligator clips and lighter socket adapter.

Buyer Reviews

Consumers were happy with the lightweight and compact design, making it easy to transport and maintain. Many use the panel for charging the batteries in idle automobiles and are impressed with how effective it is, some claiming that their car always starts up first time after being charged, and there is no need to jump-start it. A notable number of buyers say that it is weatherproof and resistant to extreme temperatures and hailstones.

The 5 watts is sufficient for some users, depending on what they want to charge, however some have expressed that they would desire a higher power. 5 watts is appropriate for charging a parked car, televisions, cell phones, and some lights.

Some users have noticed that over time, the panel is not as robust as they would have liked. If it is used on a car dashboard, the panel is susceptible to overheating and melting.

Overall, owners of the 50022 solar battery trickle charger were happy with the results, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. A compact, economic source of green energy. We scored the product four out of a possible five stars.

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