Sunforce 50033 Review

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About this kit… The Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit provides 15 watts of energy, produced from one amorphous solar panel. The panel is best used for charging recreational vehicles, cabins, boats, 12-colt batteries, and for remote and back-up power use.

Other features include fitted blocking diode technology which helps to avoid the batteries unnecessarily discharging during the night. The design of the amorphous solar panel means that it is weatherproof in a variety of adverse conditions and can resist hailstones travelling up to 50mph. It is also able to produce energy in shady and cloudy environments.

As well as the panel, the kit includes everything else required for producing your own clean, free energy; a 7-Amp solar charge controller, 12-foot wire, CLA adapter, and battery clamps.

Buyer Reviews

Buyers of the Sunforce 50033 commented on the impressive performance and design – noting that the panel is particularly effective when charging electronic devices that are located in remote places that don’t have easy access to electrical outlets.

After first use, many would consider adding to their setup, noting how quickly the panels pay for themselves through savings on one’s utility bull.

On the negative side, the 7-Amp charge controller is only for maintaining a 12-volt battery – adaption to other voltages is not easy, so you may want to look elsewhere if you have other requirements.

Another complaint that users have had is with the controller wires; they would have preferred the wires to have been pre-terminated with connecters so that they did not have to do it themselves on assembly. This would have made the assembly a lot more straightforward and quick.

Overall, customers believe that this Sunforce charging kit is good value for money and performs as advertised; 85% of buyers said they would repurchase or recommend to a potential buyer.

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