Sunforce 50048 Review

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About this kit… The Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit provides up to 60 Watts/4 Amps of renewable energy for your home. The kit is made up of four 15-Watt amorphous panels, a hard-wearing mounting frame built from PVC, a charge controller (7-Amp), a 200-Watt inverter, and all the required cables.

The kit is especially intended to power, and works most effectively on, recreational vehicles, cabins, boats, 12-volt battery charging, and for back-up and remote power use. The solar panels are robustly designed to resist adverse weather conditions, such as hail stones travelling at up to 50mph. They are effective in a variety of lighting conditions and are even able to generate power in shady or cloudy settings.

Other features include a built-in blocking diode which prevents the battery unnecessarily discharging during the night.

Buyer Reviews

Buyers of the Sunforce 50048 were, for the main part, very positive. The assembly is fairly quick and easy, the kit only requires you to buy batteries and the rest is included.

Depending on the power draw of the machine that you want to charge, the solar panels can last up to a day (on items such as laptops and phones), without having to switch to the grid. Various buyers have not made use of the PVC mounting frame, choosing instead to place the panels directly onto the roof, reducing the risk of theft/breakage Рrecommended if you have a suitable roof.

Opinions were mixed regarding the amount of power produced by this kit, with some buyers suggesting that the panels produce around half of the advertised 60 watts… It’s worth noting that this complaint is not unique to Sunforce; almost all manufacturers advertise a level of power that can only be achieved in ‘optimal’ conditions… Optimal conditions that few of us will be able to replicate at home.

Overall, this is a great starter pack for those just beginning in solar energy who’d like to develop their interests further. If you’ve space on your roof, the panels offer a great source of low-scale energy production, a very economic choice.

We scored the product 3 out of a possible 5 stars. Check out Amazon for the latest and most competitive prices!




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