Superior Singing Method Review

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What is it?

Superior Singing Method is a comprehensive training package aimed at helping aspiring singers to improve their vocal talents. Devised by professional musician and singing coach Aaron Anastasi, the programme focuses on exercising vocal agility, resonance and ‘The Mix’ voice so as to improve the overall tone, pitch and power. The training is comprised of 8 distinct modules covering basic to advanced material, each featuring a selection of HD videos, expert tips, singing exercises in accessible mp3 format and bonus resources. Anastasi is confident that by practising challenging vocal exercises and techniques on a daily basis intensively over a period of time, anyone can dramatically develop their vocal ability, irrespective of natural talent.

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Buyer Reviews

In light of the meteoric rise of primetime talent shows in recent years, it is not surprising that many people are very keen to learn how to sing well. This is reflected in the interest that the Superior Singing Method has garnered online, amongst both those who have tried the programme out and potential buyers.

Taking the online reviews as a whole, it is apparent the majority of the users have reported positively upon the programme but it is also clear that users have enjoyed varying degrees of success. This seems to be mainly down to the relative talent or training the different individuals had prior to purchasing Superior Singing Method. Whilst users have been pleased by the thoroughness of the training and the professional feel of the system, those who have gained the most appear to be amateur or semi-professional singers already. This goes some way to dispel Aaron Anastasi’s claim that the system can be effective on anyone, as the reviews suggest that singing ability requires a certain amount of natural talent and cannot simply be taught.

Whilst the programme appears to contain solid, useful guidance on how to develop muscle memory and vocal training in general, a good number of Superior Singing Method users have commented on how impressed they were by the amount of supplementary bonus material. In particular, customers frequently mentioned how useful the 10 Minute Quick-Start Course was in terms of introducing and familiarising users with the programme.

Is it a scam?

Users must also be aware that the training contained within the programme will not make them an overnight singing sensation. Reviews have indicated that the promotional material can be perceived as misleading as it promises that anyone can “fulfil their dreams” by implementing the advice in Superior Singing Method.

It is these overstated claims that have led sceptics to argue that the system may be a scam. Clearly, potential buyers cannot expect to achieve pitch-perfect tone or increase their singing range dramatically in just a few weeks. As is highlighted by several users, some of the world’s most distinguished singers have spent years in daily vocal training sessions before being given the opportunity to perform live. However, looking past the fanciful guarantees, the programme is celebrated for helping singers to hone certain aspects of their voice and detailing useful techniques which will aid in overall ability developmentally.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase the Superior Singing Method from the official website.

How does it work?

Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method programme is premised on the idea that the key to successful singing technique is centred on three principles:

1. Vocal Agility: How to move effortlessly from note to note without using vocal slides
2. Resonance: How to turn your voice from timid to powerful
3. The Mix Voice: How to blend between the two primary registers, the head voice and the chest voice

These key principles are built upon and incorporated into the 8-step programme.
• Step 1: Retrain the voice to prepare for the challenging vocal exercises to follow
• Step 2: Learn often overlooked singing techniques for optimum performance
• Step 3: Video and audio exercises to develop tone and eliminate nasality
• Step 4: Sing every note on key
• Step 5: Develop resonance and sing with power
• Step 6: Develop mix voice and expand vocal range
• Step 7: Train vocal agility and teach voice how to jump from note to note
• Step 8: Unique vocal strengthening exercises and advanced vocal techniques

What’s included?

In addition to receiving the Superior Singing Method, upon purchase customers are also entitled to make use of the following bonus material:

• Singing lesson demo with Grammy award-winner Nathan Chapman
• The Complete Guide to Maintaining Vocal Health
• Getting Ready to Perform
• The Start-up Guide to Music Marketing
• The 31 Best Vocal Exercises
• Daily Vocal Exercise Routines
• The Superior Vocal Agility Course
• Developing Your Head Voice
• 1 full year of personal email coaching with Aaron Anastasi
• Free lifetime updates

More about singing lessons
Considering that singing lessons average on around £50 per hour for one session according to, budding singers are keen to find cheaper ways to develop their voice. The growing popularity of talent singing contests such as The Voice and American Idol has intensely increased the number of people interested in singing, with a record 200,000 people applying for UK X Factor in 2006 (Wikipedia).

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